Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Just Saw A Spider

Here in the Deep South, the warm weather tends to bring out the creepy-crawlies.  Today, I saw my first snake and spider of the new Spring.  Luckily, the snake was dead and not in my neighborhood.  However, the spider ran right across the floor in front of me while I was checking e-mails.  Unfortunately for me, he was way too quick for me to murder him before he reached the safety of my entertainment center.

"I'll definitely see you before you see me!"
Now, I'm normally not afraid of either as long as I see them before they see me.  However, the element of surprise that comes from an unseen snake or spider can have your adrenaline rushing for hours!  Snakes are very good at camouflaging themselves.  I'm pretty sure that there have been plenty of times in my life where I've stepped right by a snake without knowing it.  Because of this fact, I tend to stay away from certain areas where it's hard to see them.

Spiders, on the other hand, are a bit more different to deal with at times.  They can hide almost anywhere and can get into your home a lot more easier than snakes can (or so I hope).  They are also so stealth in nature that it's almost impossible to see one until its basically right on you.

What makes it even more of a challenge this year to spot them will be the fact that I have new carpet in my home.  What was easy to spot a spider on beige carpet is now next to impossible on dark gray carpet.  In fact, I never would have seen the one I saw today had he not decided to panic and make a run for it.  He was already in the middle of the floor and I hadn't noticed before he did a Usain Bolt impersonation.

So, I guess it's that time of the year for me to wage war against the bad guys.  Dag.  Is that a wasp nest being built above my front door?  (Sigh)  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have nightmares after this post.

What animal / insect is a nuisance in your part of the world?

Snakes are masters at hiding.

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