Monday, December 28, 2015

Teach Young Males How to Talk to Women

Each day I get older, I see values that meant something to my parents get diluted or just flat-out ignored.  What's so depressing about it is that society is okay with it.  There aren't enough people to stand up and say "no, that's not how it's done."  I'm all for evolution of values, but not to the point of eradication.

So many of today's younger parents are just lazy or too focused on themselves to be bothered with raising the kids they brought into the world.  The end result is a society of young people who have absolutely no concept of the word "respect."  I used to think the lack of respect was limited to those roughly 30 years or younger, but I was wrong.  I've encountered people close to my age who have no concept of the word "respect."  Not even on a friendship level.

One thing that needs to be focused on is how some dudes talk to women.  There are some women who contribute to why guys can be disrespectful at times just by accepting the behavior.  I've met quite a few "bad guys" with "decent women" because the women condoned what the guys did.  But I don't think that a guy should allow a woman to dictate how he lives his life.  Even if a woman allows a man to be disrespectful doesn't mean that he should do it.  Being a man means doing the right thing regardless if doing the wrong thing is condoned or not.  Regardless of what your friends think.

Guys now tend to take the shortest route to sex.  That means that they will approach each woman the same way regardless of the woman.  She can be dressed like a stereotypical THOT or like an attorney, but he'll virtually approach her the same because guys now are taught "quantity" over "quality."  They won't waste their time trying to be the wolf in sheep's clothing.  They just come right out and let you know that they're a wolf.  If you don't like it then they've wasted what, 2 or 3 minutes with the "Say, Slim?" approach?  If you buy what they're selling then they know that they can probably get what they want out of you.

Those who know better need to teach them that it's wrong to take that approach.  That approach leads to heartaches and unplanned pregnancies with people you don't respect.  It's up to us, especially men, to teach younger guys that it's okay to chat up women, but be a man about it.  Understand that she's a mother, daughter, or sister to someone.  Know that women, despite what some cultures of society promotes, should be treated with dignity.

Society has changed both men and woman in so many ways.  Men are now becoming softer and more sensitive and woman are becoming harder and edgier.  That makes it difficult to approach relationships more than ever, but we each need to be responsible for our own gender.  We need to stop pointing fingers at what the other gender is/isn't doing and pay attention to our own.  Men need to raise boys and women need to raise girls.

It's just that simple.

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