Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sexy, Cute, or Both?

This post isn't as long as it looks. It just contains a lot of "visual aid."

Ladies, have you ever been out with a friend-guy, boyfriend, or husband and catch them looking at a woman who you don't think is attractive? Do you wonder to yourself, "why is he checking her out?"

Well, a lot of women don't know the difference between "sexy" and "cute," so I'm going to help you out. "Sexy" is what will make a man develop "PMYS". Click on that word and Dr. Squatlo will explain how that disorder can affect a man's brain (and wallet). "Sexy" will also attract a man and leave you wondering what he sees in her. You may think she looks like a slut, or a mean girl, or whatever. But, for some reason she has his attention.

Here are a few examples of "sexy" below:
Angelina Jolie

Megan Fox
Lil' Kim
All three of these ladies are Hollywood sex symbols. Men of all ages and races would take advantage of any opportunity to get with any of these three. Why? Attitude. Sexy is all about attitude. Notice the devious look of all three. By no means is it "cute." All three of these ladies have a "bad girl" type of attitude. They even have an "I'll do something bad to you" look about them which to a guy translates to mean, "I will curl your toes until your toenails are scraping your heels."

Would any of you men take any of these ladies home to meet your mother? Probably not. Would you introduce them to your boys? Definitely. Would you sell your blood to make enough money for a one hour romp in the hourly Mustang Motel for any of the three? Absolutely.

Ladies, sexy women will get your man to cheat on you without even putting forth much of an effort.

He won't marry her, but he'll crave her. He won't be in love, but he'll be in lust. He may even hate her at times, but he can't stay away. Like Pookie from the New Jack City movie, "it be callin' me!" (If you haven't seen NJC, then you need NetFlix in your life!)

Moving on to "cute." These are the women who make your man act awkward. He's all smiles around her. If his smile were any wider, his ears would get wet. He babbles/stutters when she's around (even in your presence). He's clumsy and even may be prone to shying away from direct eye contact. Why? Because she's adorable. She amazes him and actually makes him nervous.

Now, on to examples of cute:
Kaley Cuoco
Katy Perry
Leighton Meester
Three more Hollywood stars! The difference? These women are cute. These are the women who if you saw them attempt a sexy pose, it would almost be comical or uncomfortable-looking. They're so adorable that it's actually difficult for them to be sexy. Again, it's the attitude. It's not as aggressive as the sexy women from above nor are their facial expressions aggressive either. Their faces are inviting and pleasant. This is the woman a man could take home to mom or introduce to his homeboys without a real fear of them trying to bang her behind his back. She looks too wholesome for them to try it.

Ladies, cute women will get your man to fall in love with them without even putting forth much of an effort.

Okay, so what happens when you combine the lustful with the adorable? I won't even add name captions below because you should know all three of these women. Your man does. Below are three prime examples of a sexy/cute combo package that every man wants:


Do you see the combination? It's no coincidence that three of the most beautiful women in the world not only have the ability to bring a man to his knees in the bedroom, but also be the cause of him sticking out his chest as a proud man when he's in public with her. Ladies, if a man comes across a woman with the ability to change between "bedroom eyes" and the "innocent look" at will, then he will try every trick in the book to get her. Your man will steal from your checking account to get her.

What's so ironic about it is that the odds are you were that lady at one time. When he first saw you, he was attracted to the sexiness. He couldn't take his eyes off of you. I'm a living witness to it. I still stare at The Mrs.' legs when she wears heels.

After spending time with you, he grew to love your cute personality. You were caring and nurturing and made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Another testimony from me: I still get butterflies in my stomach when I'm typing on the computer and The Mrs. surprises me with a hug from behind.

So don't think that being "both" is out of the realm of possibility. There's an old term that a lot of women scoff at, but it's absolutely true: "A man wants a lady in the streets and a freak between the sheets."

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean she has to be a church lady in public and porn star in bed. It means that when you're out in public (with or without him, you still represent him), he doesn't want to be embarrassed. He doesn't want his friends, work buddies, or even other women talking about how you act "less than a lady" or that you wore Crocs and pajamas to Wal-Mart. When you're not in public and with him at home, he wants you to be that person he craves. The one he can't get enough of. The one he risks a speeding ticket for every day to get home to after work because just the thought of you makes him feel good both emotionally and physically.

So, where do you start? Well, first of all, to look sexy, you have to feel sexy. If you don't think you're sexy, then why would he?

To be cute, you have to be adorable. Don't maintain a scowl that frightens children. Don't yell or snap at him over stupid stuff. Be affectionate and playful. Isn't the idea to make him want to be around you more rather than less?
The ultimate example of "both."
So, which one will you be? Sexy, cute, or both? I've explained the results of them all, so it's up to you to choose and accept the results of each.

To get there, you have to work on your attitude. You will also be surprised of the affect it will actually have on his attitude. If you want your man to work harder to impress you and show you that he's worthy of being with you, then do something that causes another man to look and watch the light bulb come on in your man's head.

Okay, I lied when I said that this post wasn't that long. It's hard to be brief when you're giving women a guide to men.


  1. Spot on. I don't think I liked the candidates for sexy and cute too much... But when you got to that perfect combo.. Right on the money right there.

  2. @ D4, well, beauty is subjective, so I understand your thoughts. I went based on Hollywood standards. I'm actually not a fan of any of the sexy women, but I figured most people wouldn't know the obscure names of the women that I consider sexy.

  3. Kaley Cuoco. Hally Berry.

    I'm sorry, did you say something? I kinda got a little lost in the middle of your post....

    I prefer cute over sexy. Cute is big on attitude, and sexy can fade with time.

    Remember that old saying... Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is TO DA BONE!

  4. @ LiI - LOL! Good point. Sexiness is temporary. Cute will always be preferred when it comes to long term, but sexiness will get you through some weekends! LOL! I'm not a fan of Jolie, Fox, or Kim, but I recognize what guys see in them: someone who looks down for whatever. Give me "cute" or "both" any day though.

  5. Thanks for the PMYS link, Quincy! MIght help some poor bastard avoid the ruin so many of us have endured.

    nice choices for examples, as well.

  6. I'm seriously a bad mother fucker...but I swear on my life I ALWAYS GET CUTE! I can rip a man apart in the bed room, and I'm prone to going to jail for the craziest shit, but I get lmfao

  7. @Lost, that was hella funny! I was in tears...that was good. My man is such a dead giveaway when he spots a woman because he puts on his sunglasses to look at her. I could careless because if he feels the grass is greener somewhere else, then she can have him and all his sh-- too! There is too many men in this world for me to worry about (1).

  8. @ Thundercat, any woman nicknamed "Thundercat" has to have "sexy" embedded in her DNA. I'm sure your b-friend would vote "both" as he visits the medical clinic to repair his sex injuries from the previous night.

    @ Sonia, guys will look, so it shouldn't be a big deal to women. As long as he isn't disrespectful over how he sneaks a peek.

  9. Awesome and hilarious post! I'm cute, but I have an undercover badass :P

  10. Interesting post. For my husband he says there is a difference between "fine" and "cute". He says Fine is strictly referring to the body of the woman in question. For instance, Beyonce would be fine. Interestingly though he doesn't think she's cute. He says she has an average chick's face, nothing remotely attractive about it. Now, Angelina Jolie he would dub as "cute". She's not hard on the eyes but she doesn't have that total package for him. So who are the women that have that "fine" and "cute" package...he won't tell me. Oh well, guess I'll never know. :)

  11. Dammit Q i should have nabbed you as a guest poster, i love this post! Would have been a perfect guest post for my blog. Love it!

  12. You make valid points there sir! Here here!

  13. Thanks, all!
    @ Tsaritsa - I don't doubt it!
    @ Jocelyn - Your husband makes a valid point. But, I see Beyonce as the cute one. I just don't think Angelina is cute (she was kind of in "Bone Collector"). But that's the mystery behind it: every man is different! :)
    @ Alice X - I would love to any time! I still owe Sonia @ LogAllot a post! I hope she doesn't disown me for being tardy, but The Stunner Tourney threw me off track.

  14. A very good thought provoking post, Q! I'm with T-Cat though - as badass as I like to "portray" myself - I still get "cute." It's okay though - I can live with cute. I do not have one sexy bone in my body - it makes me giggle to even think about it. But, it's interesting to hear the distinction from a man's point of view. I think I would actually think of the two categories of women as "beautiful" and "pretty." Pretty would probably equal your "sexy" (something that fades and is more superficial than anything). And "Beautiful" would equal your "sexy AND cute" category (the whole package - including how a woman carries herself - the grace, poise, class, etc). "Cute" is like the runner up position. But it beats being "ugly to da bone!" BAHAHAHA - Laughs at Idahomie!

  15. LOL @ Reck! It definitely beats ugly-to-the-bone!

  16. Another one that I missed the first time around. I am happy to say that I am both and I know when to be each one. Alright, I'm mostly cute but there are times when I let out my inner vixen...then watch out! It is all about attitude too. Love this post! :)

  17. @ Jewels - Thanks! A woman who is both has the world at her feet. Confidence and attitude goes a long way towards both, too.

  18. This post was awesome, and now has me wondering which I am... I will have to ask my other half when I arrive home this evening!

  19. @ SLP - Thanks for commenting! I'm sure your other half thinks you're both!

  20. Women with power (jobs) can make your life hell. Nice girls like bad me and thus bad men win every time. Simply put, bad luck for the good guy. J

  21. Good food for thought ... as long as there are pretty women men will look whether they are attached or not and that's COMPLETELY OK! I have been labeled as one of those "cute" girls. I am also one of those that guys will look at a lot. But in no way, shape or form am I out to get anyone's man. Many women aren't ... but his woman should be more secure about what she's got. If she can't trust her man or she's insecure about where his loyalties lie she should give their relationship a second thought.

    1. Well said. And for the record, you qualify as "both!" :)


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