Thursday, June 19, 2014

At What Age Should A Woman Stop Being Sexy?

I came across this question in a Facebook group called "Love and Relationships" and I figured I'd dive into the topic. Some women thrive on their sex appeal. It gives them confidence and just a good overall feeling. However, Father Time is undefeated and at some point takes over. For some people it's earlier than others, but inevitably, it happens. Let's just focus on the average person and keep the Morgan Fairchilds and Tina Turners out of it.

They pushed being sexy well into their 60's. Being a "hot mom" or a "bangin' dad" is all the rage these days. Don't let those people in the gym fool you. Sure, they're maintaining or improving their health, but they want to look good, too. I've heard people describe "sexy" as a state of mind. If that's the case, then there isn't a preferred age to go conservative.

Guys, we have it easy.  All we have to do is throw on a suit and ladies think we're sexy if it fits right.  Look at Sean Connery, Denzel Washington, and men like that.  They may be older, but women still dig them because of either looks, wardrobe, riches, or a combination of those.  Women, on the other hand, have a different task when it comes to being older...

Women have to contend with something that men do not when it comes to their appearance: criticism from the same sex.  Men don't judge each other like women and because of that there's no pressure to try and outdo the next man.  Women do feel this pressure and that's why cosmetic surgery is a huge business!

On top of having to outshine their peers, they also have to try to keep the younger women at bay.  That fuels the fire for a lot of older women who wish to keep themselves up and be happy with themselves in regards to their look.  However, what happens whenever someone dresses a lot younger than their age?  Is it embarrassing to see a woman well past her prime rocking a short shirt and tube top?

At what age should a woman stop being sexy (if ever)?


  1. Women can be sexy at any age but not all men will appreciate her. My thought: a woman can be 60,sexy, and sophisticated without dressing like a 20 yrs old! Confidence and keeping yourself up can keep a woman HOT and if some guy isn't feeling odds are she doesn't care...she doesn't want a man like that anyways! NEXT...

    1. I agree. I think as long as she dresses her age, then she can remain sexy yet sophisticated. However, if she shops in the same place as her granddaughter, then there's a possibility that she may not fit in with her peers.

  2. The problem is that 60 year old women aren't on too many magazine covers or tv shows... why? because there is always someone younger and hotter out there. That doesn't mean the 60 year old isn't beautiful! Women who take care of themselves, eat well and stay healthy will still be beautiful, and their partners/spouses/boyfriends will appreciate that about them as well.

    1. No doubt, Meena! It' all about perspective!


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