Thursday, October 14, 2010

QOTD: Can You Say Coke Is Better If You've Never Had Pepsi?

Question(s) of the day: I think that everyone should experience multiple (more than two) relationships in their lives so that they can learn how to separate "the good" from "the bad".

You can't say Coke is better if you've never had a Pepsi, right?

People who find love in high school and go on to marry and stay married to that person are very rare. I know two couples who were each other's firsts and they are both happily married 20 years later. I have also recently encountered a young lady on who has dated her boyfriend since high school and they're each other's first and look to get married. But, I also know countless others from high school who tried and failed miserably by their mid-20's. They realized that they made a grown up decision without being a grown up.

So, it can work, but are the odds stacked against it?

If a teen-ager isn't mature enough to vote or drink, how can they possibly say I want to spend the rest of my life with my first boyfriend/girlfriend without experiencing another?

Do they look at other couples and use them as a measuring stick?

Are they able to be honest with themselves and know that they are satisfied with their mate?

Are they able to attend different colleges and feel secure that the other one is not being tempted by something new?

What's your take on this? Join the discussion here!


  1. OMG I totally feel you on this one! I think everyone should date around and see what they REALLY want in a mate! They don't have to "sew" their oats, but just be around different personalities to see who and what clicks with them the best!

    I can honestly say that I have been through so many types of guys that I know what I really want! I know who to run away screaming from, and who to run to when it comes to love!

    ...hmmm maybe that's what my damn book should be about...

    Steve Ward, *Booker T voice* I'm coming for your nigga!!! lmfao

  2. LOL! Stop it. Just stop it. I do think people need to at least see what's out there. I'm not saying be a ho, but variety is the spice of life.

  3. I cant see being with the first person ever. I know alot of people live that way, but shit I was engaged 2x before I met Tracy. First was a first (thought) love, second was a huge mistake and then I met tracy and fell in instant love so fast and to think if I would have settled down with the others. Thank God for vacations. Like the B-52's said ROAM IF YOU WANT TO

  4. I'm glad I didn't marry my first girlfriend. That would've been a disaster! LOL! I was too young to realize that we weren't made for each other.


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