Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ladies, What Are You?

Men have titles. We get categorized. We get labeled as "breast men", "leg men", etc. by our peers. Whatever seems to be the first thing to attract us to a woman seems to stick with our reputation.

I sometimes wonder what ladies talk about when they get up from the table and go to the restroom in groups. Since I don't know, I'll just speculate that it is to discuss this very topic. LOL!

As I reached my late 20's, I realized how much women talk about men. I used to think that we were the farthest thing from your mind at times, but as I got older, I realized that you all have some very similar conversations that men have. Maybe not to the same extent, but you get where I'm going.

So, my question to all of my lady followers is:

Ladies, what are you?

What part of a man attracts you when you see him? Do you like men in suits? Do you love good hair? Are you into firm butts?

How would your friends categorize you? Please comment below or join our discussion here.


  1. I am not sure what my wife would say about this. I know I am an ass man. Love that ass. But I know she loves my sense of humor and that I can be funny. Shit am I the funny ugly guy with a good personality? Now I am wondering. Thanks for nothing Q. Go Falcons

  2. I love a tall, dark, muscle man....don't ask me why i'm with a light, blue eyed man....he does have some pretty good muscles though....haha...he's my hunk!

  3. I love booty, chest, and arms! Everything else can go to shit but not that! OH, AND THE CHERRY ON TOP IS A FAT PENIS!Not the skinny ones! I don't wanna feel like I'm getting a vitamin D shot lol (just being real lol) That's what I find hot in men body wise ;)

  4. This Daddy, I wonder the same thing about myself. I think I also may be the funny, not handsome guy. LOL!

    Vic, don't discriminate against us "vertically-challenged" guys :)

    Falen, Falen, Falen. You went from rated G to NC-17 in one sentence. Lol!

  5. I'm a shoe fetishist. Oh, wait!... You weren't talking about my proclivities, were you?!

    I find the intellectual and funny combination in a partner to be quite sexy.

  6. C'mon, SABM, there has to be something to catch your eye prior to the conversation, isn't it?

  7. I like teeth!......I couldn't tell u what features a guy has other than his mouth. I'm into teeth &,um,um yummo!....if a guy has a jacked up mouth, he might as well not open it to say anything to me!

  8. I'm definitely a "butt girl" and a "teeth" girl too! A nice butt is super sexy but what really gets me every time is the smile!

  9. When I talk to my GF's about men, you can pretty much count on me mentioning his arms, sex appeal, sense of humor, and voice! I <3 a man with a sexy voice ;)

  10. Haha ... I don't know if I could answer that ... I think I'm all about the flirty confident smile. But I do like a guy who fills out his jeans nicely ;)

  11. I'm a sophisticated breast lady with an bubbly positive attitude all day long! I give Dolly Pardon a run for her money! Ha Ha ha


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