Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Karma, Baby!

I'm at lunch today and as I'm going into a restaurant named Broad Street, I see a couple pull up in an older foreign car (maybe a Honda or Hyundai). I really didn't pay them any mind as they pulled into a handicap parking space. What got my attention, before I got inside, was when the lady who was driving stepped out of her vehicle only to stop when the passenger asked, "Are you really going to park here?"

"We'll only be a couple of minutes," she replied.

Now, that was an indication to me that they didn't have the proper credentials to park in a handicap parking spot. I continued inside and thought nothing of it. I've seen situations like this on that NBC investigative show, "What Would You Do?", but in 2010, inserting yourself into other people's business can get you shot. So, I decided to do like most people on the show and minded my own business.

Once inside, I ordered a spicy pork loin chipotle wrap and sat at a table near the window. Shortly after my food arrived, I noticed a cop car passing through the parking lot. It didn't mean much to me when I saw him, so I just continued to eat.

10 minutes later, as I walk out to return to my car, who do I see getting a ticket for parking in the handicap spot? You guessed it! Dumb and Dumber are standing outside of the car while "Officer Friendly" writes them up.

I started to think to myself,"Did the restaurant get their order mixed up and that's why they're still here? It's been 20-25 minutes, so they should have been gone by now."

I continue to walk by with a huge grin on my face only hoping to make eye contact when I heard the passenger reveal the reason they were still parked there:

He looked at the lady and said,"Thanks to you, we now have to pay Pop-A-Lock and the City of Jackson!"

LOL! She had locked the keys in the car! No wonder they happened to still be in the parking spot when the policeman rolled through!

That's karma, baby!


  1. Man that is some kind of fun. You know even though I have done thing that kind of stupid stuff before and it alwaus came back to bite me in the ass, I feel like I learned from all of that. O hope that person learns a lesson from that. What would have been better, the car getting towed.

  2. Yeah, that would have been sweeter, TD! I'm glad I was able to see it and figure out exactly what was the cause of them still being parked there.

  3. Serves them right. I wouldn't have been able to stifle a giggle.

  4. Israel, Zany, I was trying to make eye contact with one of them so that they could see me laughing. I did everything but stop directly in front of them in hopes of getting their attention. I should have just walked by and pointed and laughed out loud. :)

  5. Ooh, good.

    Recently I got so mad with a mom at school who always parked in the handicapped spot in the school lot, I walked up to her and told her to stop. Her excuse was the same, she was only a few minutes. We have another mom who was very seriously injured in a car accident a couple of years ago who has the handicapped badge so I told her it didn't matter, she wasn't entitled to park there and the cops were coming round the school ticketing people (maybe, maybe not, I didn't care.)

    I was infuriated, she did it twice a day for months on end and no-one would tell her! Anyway, she's stopped now.

    And unfortunately you're right. The people who are so arrogant/insensitive/bloody-minded to do this are the ones that will shoot you. So they get away with it. Makes me mad! Grrr...

  6. @ Alison - Yeah, times are different. You can't call someone out without fear of retaliation now. It's a shame because some people deserve to be told off. Now you just have to hope that karma does its thing and gets them in the end.


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