Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Name Is... Slim Shady! Uh, Not Really.

I've run across so many people who have a "dark side". Another persona that allows them to say what they think without fear of regret. I don't have one. Am I the only person who doesn't?

There's no "Sasha Fierce" or "Slim Shady" lying dormant inside of me. Only Quincy. That's it. The same mild-mannered Quincy is the same person who rants about violation of personal space and debates sports topics with drunk people.

Then again, is "Q" my alter? Instead of an alter who brings out the worst in me, I have one that shares stories and provokes thought? A Mr. Hyde that turns into a Dr. Jekyll instead of the other way around?

Nah! Like Popeye, "I yam what I yam". I'm the same brutally honest guy in real life and in the blog world. The same guy who has an opinion on every freakin' thing that comes up. The same guy who knowingly acts like a know-it-all.

So, as I read the blogs of my peers, I wonder if Kim is an alter to "The Zany Housewife" or if Erin is the calm before the storm in discussing "The Life of Ann James"? If I met them in person, would they be the same as they are in the blog world?

I know that I would be. I'm the same ol' guy. 24/7.


  1. I'm always the same old me -- except I like to lay low @ work. That's the main reason for my "alter ego" - so my coworkers can't find me as easily! :)

  2. OH and my fantasy team is called "Quiet Storm" so you definitely have that part SPOT ON! :D

  3. I have three alters...(yeah, I'm fucked up I know lmfao) The me to the outside world, The colorful rant me...and well...the psycho ass me... www.hotcopper.blogspot.com ...They are all parts of me just some are more sick than others. It LITERALLY keeps me from killin lmfao

  4. Get out, Erin! Are you serious? My fantasy team is called "Quiet Storm" because of my intials "Q.S." We have more in common than Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. LOL!

    Falen, Falen, Falen... Three? Are you like "The United States of Falen" or something? I'll have to check out hotchopper.

  5. I'm def. crazier in person! I have no problems writing about anything and everything...u can go far back into my blog to see posts where I rant and rave, say it like i would in person but honestly...i'm a bit more dangerous in person-no lie!

  6. LOL @ Vic! I'm intrigued! I'll have to check out your "Freckles and Fudge" blog to see what's up and pray I never meet you in-person :)


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