Friday, October 22, 2010

A Distorted View

Crazy schedule at work this week. I ended up working a split shift on Tuesday and today (8 AM - 12 PM and 5 - 9 PM). It's actually not a bad deal since the extended lunch break gave me time to run a few errands with The Mrs. and do lunch with her.

The downside of the day is that I missed NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver, Jerry Rice, at an autograph session at a local business. I was hoping to add a 3rd HOF'er to my list of athletes I've met in person (Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin), but Rice was scheduled to start the signing session at 5 PM which is when I was scheduled to work.

Oh, well. What sucks is that Rice and I attended the same college, so I may have even had a conversation with the guy. Luckily, my friend, Corey, who works at the place looked out for me. He was able to snag an autograph for me, so props to him for that.

Anyway, I'm still on my blog streak of 21 days and counting or something like that. I find myself running low on topics. I've started at least 10 drafts that sit unfinished until I get my inspiration from some where. If no inspiration arrives, then I'll be the first blog to have reruns. Maybe someone on "The View" will say something stupid on Monday and fuel my fire for the upcoming week. In fact, the probability of that happening is pretty high.

Speaking of "The View", I never gave my two cents on Whoopi and Joy walking off stage on Bill O'Reilly. Whoopi and Joy would have served themselves a lot better explaining why they disagreed with Bill rather than walking off the show like a couple of kids.

What's so scary is that people actually turn to these losers for their political insight. "The View" is a very popular show and after reading some comments on Yahoo! Buzz I now know that people actually listen to these ladies.

Why do people believe everything they see on TV? Why does every talking head captivate us and make us regurgitate garbage to our friends, family and co-workers? Why do we take someone else's opinion and pass it on as fact to other people too lazy to research it themselves? The ladies on that show do nothing but give us a distorted view (pun intended) of society by screaming loud and not making a point.

And poor Elizabeth Hasselbeck has to deal with Whoopi and Joy teaming up on her every single day. How does she do it? I haven't a clue. Not that I feel sorry for her because I think she's extremely disillusioned. Some times I agree with her, but once she gets started, she always gets too extreme with her ideology. Then Joy and Whoopi will start loud-talking her, Lizzie will pout and that's when I change the channel to something newsworthy... like Maury Povich.

LOL! Okay, not really.

SN: Where in the world is Falen? I haven't seen/heard from her in days.

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