Thursday, October 7, 2010

When "Pampering" Becomes "Tampering"

Okay, ladies, some of you go too far. Some of you go to the salon looking normal and come back looking like Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show". Whatever you do, please don't overdo it or you'll just end up being another case of "When Pampering Becomes Tampering"...

So, you've all seen "When Animals Attack" or "When Keeping It Real Goes Bad" and the likes, but this is different. I'm going to share a story for you of a young lady who tried to enhance her look, but had an epic fail.

I'm at a Walgreens pharmacy to pick up a birthday card. I go to this Walgreens every blue moon, but enough to recognize employee faces when I see them. One of the employees is a young, black woman around her early 20's. She's of average build and caramel-colored complexion.

Now, she usually is working the "Plain Jane" look whenever I see her with little-to-no makeup and short hair pulled back into a knot (that's right a "knot"--- not enough hair for a ponytail). Although she's basically a "Sally Housecoat", she's still a cute young lady.

Well, I get into Walgreens on this faithful day and I see someone who resembles her walk around the corner. I almost dropped my phone. This same lady went from "the girl next door" to Lil' Kim overnight.

She looked like the survivor of an explosion at a Mary Kay factory. "'What in the Wide World of Sports' did she do to herself?", I asked. (For those of you not paying attention, that quote was from "Blazing Saddles". You need Netflix in your life!)

Her eyebrows were shaved and painted back on, her lipstick was a "shade of hooker", her hair extensions would make Predator jealous, her fingernails were long and pointy enough for her to climb glass and her makeup was so thick that you can see the outline underneath her chin from where it ends and skin begins.

"Why?", I asked myself. "Why did this young lady feel the need to take a good thing and tamper with it? What possessed her to overdo her look and go from a normal young lady to a Muppet?"

Ladies, whatever you do... if you want to pamper yourself... please don't overdo it like this young lady did. Don't let your "friends" tell you that purple weave is cute or fingernails long enough to fish a dime out of a 16 oz. bottle is sexy.

Be reasonable with your appearance unless you're planning on hanging with Dennis Rodman. Don't let your pampering become tampering.


  1. lmfao!! Omg!! I had that happen to me once when a SINGLE girlfriend of mine said I needed a make over...tell me why I ended up looking like ShaNayNay from MARTIN!?! it was a hot mess!! The only men who came up to me where either over the age of 50 or had a mouth full of fake gold teeth o.O

  2. It happens daily, Falen! I see so many women go from normal to abnormal overnight. They overdo everything and end up looking like Krusty the Klown.

  3. "The survivor of an explosion at a Mary Kay factory" lol love this post. Followed.

  4. Thanks, Alee! Good to have you aboard :)

  5. yeah....quit trying to be a fake and be's okay to pamper yourself but not overdue's just ugly! BARFARONI

  6. Most definitely, Vic. People mimic what they see on TV way too often now. It's one thing to try and look your best, but I think some people just overdo it or weren't taught how to do it properly.


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