Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sports Are More Than Just A Game

I love sports. I always have and I think I always will. A lot of people share the same sentiment. Okay, so I am walking out of an Exxon in Hammond, LA and got into a friendly banter with a Skins fan. He had the Washington seat covers in his yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser and as a Cowboys fan, I couldn't help but to say something to him.

Of course he had to bring up the fact that the Skins beat Dallas in Week One. Dag. People are always bringing up old stuff. That was three games ago. LOL!

We chatted for less than 90 seconds as our spouses could only sit and shake their heads at us. They were looking at us like we were two kids on the playground bragging about whose dad was the coolest. Each of us debating on why "our team" is better than the other.

But, it is amazing how something as simple as a game of football can strike conversation between two strangers. Despite the fact that I despise everything about the Skins (aside from their cheerleaders who are among the best in the league), here it is that me and this stranger are uplifting each other's mood over a game we both played as kids.

Here is a guy from IL who is traveling south conversing with a guy from MS traveling north. Never to see each other again or even if we did, would we even remember? Just a glimpse of a team's rival icon led to two people leaving Exxon with smiles. Had we both been locals, then who knows? It could have led to a lifelong friendship.

That is the power of the sports world. It brings together all ages, races, religions and genders. Although we may yell at each other during the game, we can all respect each other after the game. Well, except for Philly fan. I have a homeboy named Myron that I respect, but the rest of those Eagles fan are garbage. LOL!

Life is a series of incidents and if you happen to be in a spot with another random person out of all of the people in the world and all of the seconds of the day, then make the most of that opportunity. It is rarer than a winning Powerball ticket.

Take time to be kind. You never know how much a stranger may need a smile.


  1. Nice post Q! Nice to see that there are some well-versed and friendly Cowboy fans out there ;)

    Love your friend,
    Erin the 'Skins fan

    PS: Did you see we're #1 in the NFC East? :D I have to milk it while it lasts!

  2. Yes, you'd better, Erin! It won't last for long, so take a screenshot of it. LOL!

    Now I know who I will banter with throughout the season!

    Thanks for the kind words on the post :)


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