Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrities & Sex Tapes

Well, I guess you shouldn't call them "sex tapes" any more since VCRs are a thing of the past.  But, the term is a hard habit to break.  What once ended careers is now almost a guaranteed trip to stardom with the right, er, uh, exposure.

Most people say that the first-ever celebrity sex tape was of one of my favorite childhood crushes, Jayne Kennedy.  She was the "Halle Berry of the late 70's and early 80's."  Wait.  Maybe I should say that Halle Berry was the "Jayne Kennedy of the 90's."

Ironically, Jayne won the Miss Ohio USA Pageant 16 years before Halle won that title for herself.  Jayne had endorsements galore until one day a tape of her and her ex-husband was left in a hotel room VCR.  Her life has never been the same.

The sex tape found it's way to the media and as soon as the news was out Jayne's endorsements were gone.  The lady, whose squeaky-clean image was so legendary that she even posed in Playboy with her clothes on, was done.  Her career was over just like that.  She was reduced to late night infomercials.

Fast forward to today and it's quite the opposite.  Paris Hilton, Farrah Abraham and more have all made big splashes from their sex tapes.  In less than 40 years, society has changed from the point of shunning Jayne Kennedy for having sex with her husband to handing a multi-million dollar career to Kim Kardashian for banging Ray J.

Recently, "Love & Hip-Hop" "star," Mimi Faust released a trailer for a sex tape of her and some dude named Nikko.  The video ties into the season premiere of the reality show on May 5th and will be sold by about week before it airs.  What once ended careers is now a calculated move by celebrities looking for that Kardashian payout.  #Marketing

It doesn't matter what caliber of celebrity you are as long as you can generate a buzz.  Mimi's tape has already done that by becoming one of the trendiest memes.  Her scene where she's hanging from a shower rod has taken Instagram by storm.

That's all it takes to be famous in 2014.  A willing participant and a little creativity in the bedroom.

What do you think draws people to celebrity sex tapes?

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