Monday, October 3, 2011

The Stunner Qualifiers Start Soon!

The Stunner qualifying rounds start in October! For the newcomers who are unaware, go here to figure out why you need to try and get into this blogging competition.

The Stunner Tournament is invite-only and so far, here are the participants who qualify based on April's performance:

Michelle from Mommy Confessions

The above do not need to participate in the qualifying round based on April's finish. That leaves 12 spots available for next April's contest! Who will fill these 12 spots? It shall be decided in a qualifying tournament!

The qualifying round will be filled with some contestants from the inaugural event:

the Tsaritsa sez
Thoughts of a Randomista
Life of Ann James
Empowered Peace
Yeah. Good Times.
Mommy Confessions
Rantings of the Reckmonster
Jersey Diva Mom
This Daddys Blog
Guys, Boys & Men
Man, Wife & Dog
Diana Dishes
The Hurricane

Now, the odds of all 14 of these people accepting the invite are slim. So, in order for me to reach 16 people for the qualifying round, I'll need two more participants. The two participants in which I would like to offer the final two spots:

The Chocolate Knot and Israel Carrasco Monologue Jokes

For each of the above who decline this event or don't respond in a timely fashion, then I'll have to find someone to replace them. I'll do just that by get new participants based on frequent comments, retweets and Facebook Likes.

To confirm interest in joining or to confirm entry into the tournament from an invite, then please just simply comment below.

The actual tournament is in April 2012 and the inaugural event cleared more than 35,000 page views during the duration of the tournament. So, if you're looking for exposure and a chance to increase your followers, then you really need to comment below and hope you can get in!

The deadline for the aforementioned names to RSVP with a comment below is Thursday, October 13th!

More details to come!


  1. {insert smack talk here}

    Think YOU can dethrone me as the Stone Cold Stunna?

    If so, BRING IT.

  2. I love the smack talk, Idahomie! Numbah one Stunnnnahhhh! That was great fun last year...count me in!

  3. I'm a maybe. I don't really write much at Life of AJ anymore :(

  4. Do I smell a finals rematch??? Sniff Sniff....

  5. Brandon- Can I just offer you cash to bow out now. The sheer stress of our finals match up last time was almost to much to bear. That was close! And crazy!

  6. Wait. Does this mean I'll have to start blogging again?? Can we wait til baseball playoffs are over?

  7. Oooh, I like the idea of cash?

    Am I a whore? Maybe. But on the internet, aren't we all?

  8. Yes!! I'm in! My new email address is, just in case you need to contact me there.

  9. Count me in Q, but can you explain what I need to do fully. Sorry having a dumb ass moment!

  10. I'm in!! I look forward to the competition...

  11. I want to thank everyone for showing interest in the qualifier for April 2012's Stunner Tournament! I still have eight slots to fill, so if you know of anyone who would be interested, they can comment below. Thanks!

  12. Ok, can everyone send me four of their favorite blog posts? Please rank them from 1 to 4 with 1 being the entry for the 1st round and if you advance, then I will go with post #2 and so on. If you're eliminated after a round, then any additional entries you've sent will not be posted.

    Can we do this before the end of the week (10/29)? Thanks!

    Also, I still have more spots available if you have a friend you want to encourage to join. Send all entries to


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