Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You're Too Catty

Okay, ladies. It is time that you admit to yourselves what men have known for ages: some of you are just flat-out trifling.

Yeah, I said it.

You all give each other grief more than a man ever could. Some of you are your female counterparts' worst enemy. I will give you an example in which all of you are familiar:

You and your man go to a house-warming party for a neighbor. It is a formal event, so everyone is dressed nicely. You walk in with your man and what happens? Immediately, every female eye in the room is giving you the "elevator eyes" as they evaluate your outfit from head-to-toe. "Hmmph! She thinks she's cute," they'll think to themselves. "I ought to scratch her eyes out."

Okay, maybe the last sentence was an exaggeration (for most). Ladies, what's the point? Is it really a competition if the other person doesn't even know that they're in a race? How can someone who simply walks into the room get the "mean mug" from you? You don't know her.

Let me clue the females in on something: men know that you're competitive and we use it to our advantage. We know that you will do unreasonable things to "win" whatever it is you're competing for in your head. We can feel your grip on our arm get tighter as a "rival" comes near. We know why you give us that spur-of-the-moment "PDA" when another "competitor" makes eye contact with us.

Men can use one woman's attention as another woman's motivation.

There's no code among some women. No unwritten rule that helps them to avoid these incidents. Some of you are probably missing out on a "BFF" simply because you're too catty to even say "hello" to someone you perceive as a threat. You could have a long-term friendship with a woman except for the fact that her shoes don't match her outfit. Deal breaker, right?

Guys don't care about imperfections on other guys. In fact, we can meet a total stranger and we will find some way to bond with that guy simply for the sake of passing time. It's not that we don't compete, but if we do, it doesn't happen the moment another dude walks into the room.

Real men only want to have a good time. (I stress "real men" because some of these 20-something males only seem to want to impress each other -- go figure).

Ladies, stop taking the "feline approach" and just assume that each woman that comes in the room only wants to have a good time just like you do.


  1. There is a small part of me that likes a jealous female. If my girl is worried about the competition, it means she's worried someone else is going to try and steal me away. She wants me enough to fight for me.

    It's a small part. Usually I can't stand the competitive spirit, and the bitchiness gets on my nerves. But every cloud has a silver lining, right?

  2. When I walk into a room with my man I'm just there to have a good time and I generally try to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. However, a few times I've had cattiness directed at me, for reasons which are still not apparent. Some people are just nasty, and a lot of people still act like they're in high-school with the cliquey cattiness. Ugh. I thought graduating college would mean we've all grown up, but this is not true.

  3. Alright, I happen to be silently judging people but I am also the sweetest, nicest, never say a bad word about anyone kind of person. Then again...if one of my girlfriends is around we will most likely sit in a corner, drinking our wine, and audibly judging other people but we aren't too snobby to include men in the mix...hell sometimes we have our friend's husbands joining in.

    You think that men don't compete for female attention? That we can't use one man's attention gain another's? It does go both ways some times.

    I don't handle catty women, women who play games, or pull that "you looking at MY man?" bullshit. Honey, if you are that worried about your man looking my way you must not be doing something right...and that is hardly my fault...get your house in order!

  4. Maybe if men stop cheating on women with that "threatening" looking woman, we won't be so jealous and possessive! ;)

  5. @ LiI - I think all men like it to an extent. Some times it can be too much.

    @ Tsaritsa - Age ain't nuthin' but a number. It definitely doesn't assure maturity.

    @ Jewels - It's nothing wrong with judging and laughing. I love to people watch, but some people take it to a level of familiarity. They judge and then act as if they know the person when they don't.

    @ Erin - LOL! C'mon, E! Some guys don't even want it if it's easy. If she's throwing herself at him, she's just an ego boost and nothing more. Most of the time. :)

  6. I'm not gonna lie...I'm about as competitive as they come...but not in the "usual" catty female kinds of ways. I could give a shit less if your shoes match your purse. I don't care if you think you're cuter than me - hell, you probably are. I DO, however, care if you're a dumbass (or if you pretend to be just to get attention) - if you're doing/saying something to MAKE women look stupid, then yeah - it's on like donkey kong. If I hear stupid "I'm-such-a-dingbat" schnit coming out of your mouth...yeah, the eyerolls and snarky comments will come rollin' out. Oh, and if you are acting like a straight up ho in public, yup, I'm THAT broad that will look at you out of the side of my eyes and purse my lips disapprovingly. I totally admit to those kinds of catty chick behaviors, and I don't feel in the least bit bad about them - that's just me.

    That said, I am also highly competitive at: who can string together the most creative blend of expletives, who can burp the loudest after taking a huge gulp of beer, who can tell THE grossest stories at THE most inappropriate times, and who knows MORE useless, random trivia factoids that nobody cares about. Yep, I'm usually the winner in all of those competitions (*flexes muscles, pats self on back*)! snicker snicker snicker

  7. TQ. OK, first, please allow me to say that I am in love with the Reckmonster, and maybe also Jewells.

    I like catfights but not catty women. That catty business cuts every which way.

    On another subject, I'm setting my trip plans and I want to get to Jackson. Since I can't find a direct contact here, would you go over to my place and email me? THX

  8. @ Reck - You're in a league of your own, chica. There's no competing with you.

    @ Mooner - Ironic that your comment followed Reck. Are you two sharing a computer? Aw, that's so sweet! I'll shoot you an email.

  9. I don't know if I'm just in complete denial, but I don't feel like I can relate to those catty situations. Sure, I've seen them played out more times than I care to remember. I even get the up and down stares from time to time. But I ignore them. I'm willing to befriend any almost female who demonstrates mutual respect, regardless of her outfit or any other superficial qualities.

  10. @ Tiffany - You're in the minority. It happens. A lot. LOL! I just don't get it. Hey, did you see the recent post on the Stunner?

  11. LMAO! That was so funny Q. I might have done that back in my young days, but now, I can careless what someone looks like. I do hear it and the ones that normally say it is the ones with low self esteem anyway.

    My man is good looking and I use to get apprehensive when other woman look at him, but now I take it as a complete compliment so as long as they or he don't cross the line.

    Another reason why when I play golf, I play strictly with men. No chatting and it's whoop a-- time! And another reason why I love "working" with more men then woman...less gossip and backstabbing. Ughhhhhhhhh...bad memories from working with a group of women from hell.

  12. @ Sonia - I don't get it. Why do women even care about other women? Shouldn't the focus be on the man not cheating rather than the woman tempting him to cheat? Don't get me wrong. Some guys are like that, too. They get upset with the guy instead of their woman. It's a lack of focus if you ask me.


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