Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Pain

There's a wedding happening across the pond? Do you care? Should you care?

I remember when Princess Di and Prince Charles did their thing back in the 80's. As a kid, it seemed cool to see a Disney movie come to life. I didn't know the significance of it nor how it affected me. But, it was still something I felt as if I needed to see.

25+ years later, I still don't know the significance of this "Royal Wedding." What I do know is that there will be specials all over the television and tons of online coverage. I've been told that I should appreciate the history and culture involved in the way the British monarchy works. I get that, but, I can't get with two people who are getting the "royal treatment" (pun intended) just because one of them is related to someone.

Is that why we love Paris Hilton? Is it because her dad was "somebody" then she is, too?  Kim Kardashian is the "Princess of Beverly Hills" because her dad won some high-profile court cases and was friends with O.J.? These ladies aren't royalty, they're royal pains. But, they've gained status as an elite here in the states for what their parents did. England has "princesses," we have "socialites." I think things are a bit backwards in the media.

Parents should be praised for raising a successful child. Children should not be praised for having successful parents.

So, I wish Kate Middleton and Prince William the best in their marriage, but, I don't think I'll be watching. I guess the one thing I can take from this is that it's been a long time since the U.S. has cared about something going on in another country that didn't involve an oil field.

Okay, it's up to you to convince me that this wedding should mean something to me... Go!


  1. This is my anniversary so you should care ok? lol

  2. I probably won't watch either, and I completely agree about the worship of celebrity's children. It's hard for me to care most of the time, but some of the Kardashian kids are funny. I watch their show on E! sometimes!

  3. Anniversary of what Lynn?

    @ Tsaritsa, them having a show is not a huge issue to me, but the way some people treat them as if they're actually "stars" is beyond me.

  4. The fact that Will and Kate getting married is garnering so much attention doesn't really bother me. However, when it comes to useless celebutards that are famous for nothing, it makes me want to hurl vomit chunks, especially when we are talking about Paris Hilton and her fellow repeat offender, Lindsey Lohan. If only P. Hilty or Fire Crotch had 1% of the class and grace that Will & Kate have, then the world would be a much better (and safer) place.

  5. Oh, the whole obsession with movie stars & royals makes me so sick. The things the world focuses on nowadays.

    Blog's looking great, Quincy!!
    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. My health issues got the best of me but I'm slowly coming back on board.

  6. @ Empress - "Fire Crotch?" LOL! I'm done! LOL! You make good points, but your reference to Lohan has made me develop cramps in my side. Will and Kate have shown nothing but class since the moment a camera was placed on them.

    @ LilPixi - Thanks for the compliments. I'm just glad you're doing better! And yes, we lack focus on a lot of things. What should be important isn't to us. I guess that's why actors get millions of dollars for a movie yet teachers, police, and fire fighters make virtually nothing.

  7. I preferred the days when it was a magical event, and you were getting a glimpse into rayal life. Now, thanks to paparazzi, we see it on a daily basis, especially the scandal.

    It's kind of numbed me. I don't care anymore.

  8. I watched his mother get married when I was a kid too and I admired how different she was and the humanitarian she became. Period.

    I agree with you on the parent / child association and how they are looked upon and I agree. There is however a huge difference between real royalty and fake ass celebrity that we see here.

    It's amazing how these kids here ride their parents coat tails of fame and never amount to anything other then another socialite (definition: I don't do shit but take my parents money and I am rewarded for it).

    My DVR will be watching the wedding while I sleep, so I can get pass the commercials if they are any. If I miss it, the tabloids and other publications will show it for me over and over again.

    Good post Q!

  9. @ LiI - Good point! The media invades privacy of these folks so much that it's not like we're seeing something new and different. Excellent point!

    @ Thanks, Sonia. But who's to say Kate won't be a drunk? LOL! She wasn't groomed like Prince Akeem's women in "Coming to America." LOL!

    @ Tiffany - I'm with you.


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