Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Get Mad At Me!

It's a girl!  No.  Wait.
Oh, no you don't! You have the audacity to get mad at me? Don't you know that I'm a life referee and I call it like I see it?

I understand I'm now in the "old school" demographic. I get that now that I'm in my late 30's, that things that make sense to 20-somethings are just plain dumb to me. Because of the generation gap disconnect, I tend to ignore or accept some (and I stress "some") things that I do not understand.

What I will absolutely, positively not apologize for is the following:

If you child has long hair and I mistake him for a her, then it's your fault, not mine.

Look, I know that the current trends for men's hair are getting longer. I'm seeing guys with braids (not dreadlocks, there's a difference) and pony tails all over the place now. That's their business. It's your hair, you can do what you want (if you're grown).

But, when it comes to little boys, I can't stand the sight of it. It's not cute (to me). It makes them look like little girls. And if I see you and your kid at the mall and I say, "that's a cute little girl," then I don't want to see an ounce of of hint that I've some how insulted you or the boy. You can tactfully correct me and we can move on from there, but if one snarky remark comes from your parted lips, then I'll be completely honest with you and tell you that "he looks like a girl."
Oh, I'm talking white boys, too.
Don't expect an apology because you chose to make your boy look feminine. And don't say the boy wanted his hair like that because boys can't make grown up decisions. That's why they're called children and not adults! They probably want a beer, too, but only a dummy would give them one.

And we wonder why these "boys" are growing up soft. Well, I don't wonder. I know why they're soft. They're conditioned to be pretty at such a young age. A society of metrosexuals so to speak. If a boy spends one minute of his childhood getting his hair done then then the odds are stacked against him being a man.
I thought Bow Wow was a girl until his 2nd album.
I'm just saying. Don't like it? Comment below and convince me otherwise.


  1. (Exhales) It feels so good to post again! :)

  2. I prefer when there is less gender-confusion myself. Take Justine Bieber for instance... If she cut her hair any shorter I'd confuse her for a...



    Aw crap. JUSTIN Bieber...

    My bad.

  3. I'd have to say I am quite biased on the men with long hair deal...having grown up an Army brat, I was used to seeing men with military hair cuts. I think men should have short hair, just BECAUSE. I don't find men with long hair attractive. And I would SURELY have a problem if a man had some hair longer than mine - and it looked BETTER than mine!! I know my opinion is wayyyy influenced by my upbringing, but seriously - I'd be really put out if dude was trying to borrow my hair products and/or accessories. I'm stingy like that though.

  4. I'm with you Q. Boys should be boys and girls should be girls. If nature intended the sexes to look the same then we'd all have the very same naughty bits. Unless a man is a major rock star, having long hair is generally creepy. And don't even get me started on that twat head the Biebster...

  5. @ LII - "Justine" Beiber fits, doesn't it?

    @ Reckmonster - The military has an excellent track record of producing real men, so I don't have a problem with them being the standard. Having said that, if they're grown, who cares, but boys should be look like boys.

    @ Empress - "Naughty bits?" LOL! Good one. I wonder if a boy with short hair thinks that a boy with long hair has cooties?

  6. Does it go both ways? How do you feel about girls with very short hair? My husband and I have this debate all the time...

  7. @ Cakeologist - First of all, welcome! Good question! When it comes to kids, I guess I'd prefer to see the girl look like a girl as well. I don't often see too many girls with short hair (in fact no memory of it comes to my immediate attention). But, if a parent thinks that her 7-yr old girl looks cute with a Vin Diesel hair cut, then I'd probably blog about that, too! :)

  8. The "big" thing amongst the little white trash kids around here seems to be mohawks. And I mean kids as young as 2 years old with a flipping mohawk. There is nothing funnier in the world than seeing a little fat, white bubba kid running around with a mohawk. My boys asked me if they could have one, I said "Maybe when I'm dead." you know, because they need more reasons to plot my demise.

    Parents who let their kids do whatever they want deserve the "Your girl is cute" comments! And if they let them have a mullet, they just deserve a kick in the head.

  9. I can be a lil neutral on this one depending on the look, but so much of the time they look like girls.
    Now If I see a grown man sporting that look, then I just can't even stand it. "Quick, you tackle em, I'll get the scissors/buzzer!"

    As far as mohawks go, well those just scream "I'm an assclown. Kick me"

  10. LOL @ Rancher Mom! Mullets are on another level for sure. I think I'd tolerate that more than a pony tail. I'd rather a boy look like Joe Dirt or Kenny Powers than one of Charlie's Angels.

    @ Lil Pixi - I'll start taking donations for your bail money for the guys who make press charges against your hair assault :)

  11. NO BOY/MAN SHOULD HAVE LONG HAIR. that shit is disgusting. And I am a 20-something so there you effing go.

  12. I see this allot and figuring how if its a boy or girl can be confusing to me too. I don't want to insult the parent, but if it looks like a girl, then I would advise differently. I have no kids, but I remember the only kids that had long hair when I was growing up was the stoners in my high school.

  13. @ Lynn - you know you're pretty wise beyond your years any way. Nice to know some young people still have old school view points. I'm not saying my way is right, I'm just saying they can't trip if I call a he a she. LOL!

    @ Sonia - Stoners did rock the long hair, but at least they were in the teens (or close to it). The only thing I hate to see worse than a six year old boy with girly hair is a six year old boy with an earring.

  14. Wow, Q... I thought silly debates about hair length went out of vogue when "Easy Rider" hit the theaters in the late 60's...
    I had a friend when we were in high school at that time, and he had long, straight blonde hair. My dad was pretty strict and made me keep mine cut short. My buddy was CONSTANTLY being picked on or threatened by rednecks because they didn't like his hair. Seemed such a ridiculous thing to base a prejudice or worse, an ass-kicking, on. One thing I can tell you, though. It didn't make my friend "soft". He was a bad mo' fo' when he had to be, and more than one good ol' boy went back to his truck with his head in his hands.
    Let it grow... They'll have plenty of time to "fit in" to the corporate pigeonhole when they're older.

  15. @ Bob - I'm not referring to high schoolers. They're old enough to pay for their own hair style. I'm referring to kids who can barely ride a bike. Speaking of high school, I had a friend in high school who looked like Slash from GNR and he scared us to death. LOL!

  16. I totally agree. I feel the same way about ear piercings for boys too.

  17. @ Tiffany - piercings for kids baffle me. How a parent can think that's cute clearly shows their immaturity as well as the company they keep.


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