Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Waste Your Life 101

First, watch the video..

Here's the scoop: the fight allegedly happened when the two girls (one 14 and the other 18) walked into McDonald's with their boyfriends. One of the girls got upset that her man was flirting with the victim. I repeat: One of the girls got upset that her man was flirting with the victim. The two girls went WWE on the victim and beat her into a seizure while a McDonald's employee filmed it.

Now, watch Chrissy Lee Polis' summary of the event:

Now, these idiot girls not only face jail time for this assault, but they also face a hate crime because the lady was a transgender. So, with the hate crime, you're now looking at federal charges.

This is a classic example of How to Waste Your Life 101. Two ladies, who probably could have gone on to do something with their lives, are going to jail over a man. And make no mistake about it, this is all over a man. He flirted, now they're going to jail and deservedly so.

I'm not sure how the courts will handle the 14 year old, but the 18 year old may be in jail for a minute. I'm sure McDonald's will be sued for their role in it. They shouldn't have been obligated to intervene, but they could have at least called the police instead of filming it.

What do you think the sentence for these ladies should be? Do you think the employees are liable for not calling the police? Give me your take in the comments below.


  1. Lock up the criminals. As for the people filming it, they should be held responsible for not notifying the police and letting the problem escalate. Very sad.

  2. I think assault at the least, but hate crime? So what if the victim was transgender. They didn't beat her down because of the transgender, they beat her down because of the flirting.

    With that logic, if you and I got into a bar fight because of an argument about sports, the winner will be charged with a hate crime. Stupid laws.

    With that said, go Panthers!

  3. @ Empress - the "camera man" did get fired and I read that McD's is seek action against their employees who played the role of spectators. I understand not wanting to get involved for fear of being shot, but not calling the cops is another thing.

    @ LiI - You're right about the vagueness of the law. This shouldn't have been a hate crime since that's not why they jumped him.

  4. I am actually in tears after watching this girl (er, guy?) have seizure spasms on the floor and no one tries to help her. There are a million things I could say, but I'm at a loss for words.

  5. It was truly sad. No one even bothered to call the police which was the easiest thing to do.

  6. This is really sad. Where is the world heading to?

    1. Unfortunately, it's getting worse by the day.


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