Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking This "I Love My Pet" Thing Too Far

Welcome to Chateau le Bark. Two stories and A/C.
Let me start this post by saying, "I love animals." As long as they're not trying to eat me, I'm cool with them. I don't go where they are and I don't want them up in my area. I especially love domesticated animals. I'm not a huge fan of cats, but I like dogs. Having said that, some people just take their love of animals way too far...

Some ladies an acquaintance knows showed their love of animals recently, but at the expense of a co-worker. One of the ladies (we'll call her "Jane") of the group lost a child via miscarriage. Of course any time someone experiences that, it can be very devastating, especially to the mother. Well, of course the other ladies in the group offered Jane verbal sympathies to help her overcome her loss.

Weeks later, another one of the ladies in the group (we'll call her "Jill") experienced a loss. Her dog, of almost 17 years, had died. Not only did Jill receive the sympathy of her co-workers, they also chipped in to take her out to lunch and bought her a sympathy card.

A great gesture, but what about Jane? Why did she only get a pat on the back for the loss of her child yet Jill got lunch and a card? How do you think Jane felt knowing that all she got was essentially a hug, now these heifers are showing up at her desk asking her to chip in on someone's lunch over Fifi?
Dogs don't even have to walk any more.
Another example: there is a charity located in Jackson that has a bin for clothing that can be donated to an abused women's shelter. The bin normally contains used clothing for women and children who may live in the shelter while they try to restart their lives abuse-free. Directly next to this bin, is another bin owned by the Animal Rescue League. This bin accepts donations to animal shelters to provide the animals with blankets, toys, food, etc.

A friend of my uncle's works for the women's shelter. He says that whenever he goes down to collect the items from the women's bin, he notices how much fewer the items are in comparison to the animals' bin. He says the animals' bin is always full and even has items stacked around the bin because they couldn't fit inside. Most of the items still have price tags on them because they're brand new.

Bottom line is: it bothers me a bit to know that there are some people in the world who care about animals more than humans. I asked a Facebook question once about "if you were trapped on an island with a stranger and your dog and you could only save one, which would it be?"

I was astounded by the number of people who said they would save their dog over the stranger. Despite the fact that it's a human life, it carried no value to them. The excuses were, "well, dogs are like family members" or "dogs are so loyal."

Look, I understand the importance of a pet. I had a dog for 12 years that died when I was 15 and it really weighed heavily on me. I'm not numb to the fact that pets are a significant part of our lives. But, I think that if a person is willing to put a pet's well-being over a human's (excluding abusers of children who have no value to society in my opinion), then I can't bring myself to understand that line of thinking.

What's your take on this? If you're an animal lover and you think I'm off base, then I would welcome your argument to convince me to think otherwise.


  1. Holy Jesus. That dog house is bigger than MINE.

  2. I am an animal lover. I have quite a few animals and I think I treat them well - they sleep in my bed, they sit on the couch, they never lack food or water...but I treat them like pets not humans. They are not my children, they are not like my children, they are animals. My dog would fight to the death for me, but as much as I love him, I could not put his value over a decent human being.

  3. Dude, have I got a story for YOU...

    I worked in the pet industry for 8 years. I worked with a lot of pet food vendors, and their sales reps would tell me the best stories.

    One day, a wealthy lady walks up to a sales rep and tells this story...

    "My dog, for all of it's 8 years, had one straight ear and one floppy ear. I have tried numerous things to correct it. Splints, multiple surgeries, and many other methods. I switched to YOUR BRAND of dog food, and what to you know, his ear straightened out! I'm so thrilled, yet, a little sad. You see, I just commissioned an oil painting of my pet, and when they painted him, he still had one floppy ear..."

    Um... yeah...

    I got used to it. I sold the higher end brands, so we catered to the crazies. If you're willing to spend $100/$200/$300 a month on food alone, you're pretty hardcore.

  4. @ J-Roll - LOL!
    @ cakeologist - I don't have a problem with that at all. I just draw the line when some pet owners go too far over the top.
    @ LII - Oil painting? $300 dog food that straighten ears? What does that dog food do? Maybe I need to purchase it to grow some more hair on my bald head. Or would it be fur?

  5. The picture of the house had me cracking up. I think they way the situations you spoke about were a bit pathetic, but I think people would rather deal with animals then people. But the loss of a child is more devastating then your pet passing away. Now, don't hate, I have (2) dogs and (2) cats, but the attention the death of a child has over a dog...are you serious?

    It's so easy when it's not your child that didn't die ....animals are gone one day and then your out getting a new dog the next day. There is a big difference. I love my animals and I would be devastated if anything happened to them, but sometimes I think people need to feel for others just the same.

  6. Before I had my son, I was one of those crazy chicks whose dog was her kid. My beagle "Alex" (rest his barky soul!) was even referred to as the "grand dog" by my parents (who were afraid I'd never have kids). I love, love, love animals. But, again - now that I have a child, there is no way that I could put my dog or cat over my child's importance. Now, having said that - I agree with Sonia - I think some people really rather WOULD deal with animals (who give them unconditional love) than people (bc they may have lost faith in their fellow human beings if they've been treated poorly). I see it in the mental health field all of the time - there are people who would go to the ends of the earth for their pet, but have no social skills or ability to interact with other people (some of these people either have chronic mental illness - or a very traumatic history). So, from a mental health perspective - I can completely understand WHY some people would put the value of an animal's life above another human's life.

  7. i feel you on this. People get teary eyed seeing dog in pain but will pass by a homeless person and not give a shit.

  8. The sad thing is, I would be quick to kick a human being in the mouth than harm an animal lmfao

  9. @ Sonia - You would think the loss of a child would be more depressing to a co-worker's peers, but I guess not in this case.

    @ Reckmonster - Animals are easier to deal with than people, but if a person gets to the point that they feel animals are superior (or even equal), then I think something is wrong with them.

    @ Israel - Yeah, homeless people don't get respect, especially around here. Mainly because there are so many frauds here in Jackson. I've seen quite a few of them parking their cars and walking over to their begging spot at an intersection.

    @ T-cat - I'm not for harming animals either. I'd much rather get upset at a person than an animal because people know better. But, I couldn't save an animal's life over a person.

  10. omg i HATE animals. shoot me.
    they scare me and i'm always scared they'll attack me. i cnt touch them, i'm really freaked out by them. and it pisses me off when some animal lover gets offended when i run away from their hyper pets. They'll be like "dont u know u're scaring it?"..err yea right!! it was going to bite off my leg!!!,lol
    and those people that'll choose their pets over humans are delusional. lol.

  11. LOL @ kitkat! I feel you on that. I hate it when people tell you, "oh, he doesn't bite!" Out of respect, if a person's guest is uncomfortable with an animal, the host should put the animal up. That's too much like right for most people though.

  12. I love pets. I even volunteer in an animal shelter. My cat is from an animal shelter. She is treated as what she is. an animal which turns into a pet when inside the home and a predator when outside. She gets cuddle, we play, she never lacks food and sees the vet on a regular basis...yet she is hunting birds and hs to fight for her place outside with other cats. I never would interfere there.
    Since my arrival in the USA I am shocked about killing shelters as well as how far people go in this miss understood 'love' they have apparently for their pets. What kind of void do the try to fill?

  13. Good to hear from you, Paula! I agree with you about your cat. You can care for an animal without preventing it from being an animal. The void people are trying to fill is beyond me. Animals will never be equal to humans to me, but they can still be loved.

  14. One more sad story for your readers.
    I married a woman who after a few years of marriage told me that if she had known how I was going to treat her dog, she would have had second thoughts about weding me. Now you ask the question, "How did he treat her dog"? I abused the animal by not letting him be the most important thing in her life, by insisting that he not snap and growl at our toddler who as children do, wants to hug him and lay on him. I had to fight the Poodle for dominace over my side of the bed. He wasent about to give me space near her. I finely kicked him out of the bed alltogehter. She had him before we met, and since he was 4 weeks old, and he was her child. I tried to co-exist with the dog, really I did. But he pissed on my pillow on the bed, and pissed on my guitar case. My wife thought that was sooooo funny, and she made sure she told everyone how much the dog loved her, and how he was willing to fight for her. I still remember her screaming at our daughter about "Leave Him Alone!!!" Our daughter was like I said before was doing what children do and petting him a little harder than she thought appropriate. The dog snaped at the kid and I slapped the dog. You would have though I stabbed her with a knife. She was screaming "I will not let her abuse him"!!!! and I dident make things any better when I said I would skin and cook the dog if I needed to feed our child.
    That poodle was hit in the road and my wife went to pieces, I tried to comfort her and hold her but she pushed me away and she was screaming at me "I hope your happy, you want him dead"!!!! Problem was that the turd dident die. $600.00 worth of surgery and he came through.
    He has since that time passed away, and to this day I get extreamly angry when I see stories about what wonderful people animals are.
    Here on the Region 8 news it is common for animal abuse stories to take headline news.
    Missing children have to wait for the doggy story to run before people can be made aware that they are missing and please look for me.
    Makes me sick.

  15. @ Anonymous - Wow. I'm not even sure what to say after reading your comment. That is absolutely terrible that you and your child are put behind a poodle when it comes to her. That is exactly what I was trying to convey when posting this. I'm all for animals and I love dogs, but a pet is just that. You can love it, but once you elevate it above people, then I have a problem with that. People will protest animal abuse, yet turn their heads in the presence of a woman being raped or a child abused. It's absolutely sad and I wish you and your daughter the best in your situation.


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