Monday, April 4, 2011


After almost three weeks of Facebook posts, e-mails, tweets, and blog posts, we have finally reached the climax of the event!

The 2011 Thank, Q for Bloggers Tournament winner and recipient of exclusive Stunner Award goes to Brandon of My Own Private Idaho!

Brandon had a tough road to the championship having to go through EmDottie, TOAR, Squatlo, and finally, Mommy Confessions. The final score: 332-280. Over 600 votes!

As for Michelle, a very valiant effort as her followers brought in voting surges that made things very interesting and at times, unpredictable. Michelle can take consolation in the fact that she will leave the competition with almost 40 more followers joining her army than when the event started 18 days ago. For her efforts, she will receive the exclusive award of the Stunner Runner-Up banner.
Congratulations to Michelle and Mommy Confessions

Brandon will claim the title of The Stunner Champion for the next 365 days! Idaho, your guy has brought home a title to your state!

I think it would be great if all of The 2011 Thank, Q for Blogger Tournament participants comment below with final thoughts and congratulations to the first-ever recipient of The Stunner Award!


  1. Thank you to all 332 voters.

    But... 6 minutes before the poll closed, it was 333. To you who changed your vote at the last-minute, you scared the CRAP out of me!

    "I lost a vote? HOW could I lose a vote?? I hope I don't lose any more...what if they ALL go away???"

    Now I need to thank (and apologize to) the friends, coworkers, ex-coworkers, etc that I have texted, facebooked, or pestered in person. I've pimped my blog more in the last 72 hours than I have since I started.

    The 800+ pageviews on my site in the last 48 hours is proof that I sweated this battle, and had to do a LOT to compete against the amazing Michelle. Mommy Confessions is an spectacular blog, and I am one more rabid 'mommy-lover' in her list of thousands.

    I have 365 days to decide if I want to defend this title, or if once was enough. Don't ask me what I'm gonna do for at least 340 days, mmmk?

    Lastly, thanks Quincy for coming up with a fun yet frantic way to spend the last 2 weeks. I hope you've reaped the reward as much as we competitors have.

  2. CONGRATS, Daddy! I knew you could do it!!! I've never been prouder!

  3. Now, if you all don't mind. I'm going to take a blogcation, tweetcation, and Facecation for a few days... LOL! Trying to get these posts out the moment the polls close is taxing!

    Seriously, I want to thank the one group of people who made this tournament happen: the voters. If not for you, this would not have been as much fun as it was. You put up with the constant requests to visit the polls, but with over 2,500 votes received, it definitely shows that you responded and showed your support.

    Thank you.

    I want to thank everyone who participated:

    Sonia - LogAllot
    Falen - Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista
    Alice X - Guys, Boys, and Men
    Scott - This Daddys Blog
    JDM - Jersey Diva Mom
    The Empress - The Ranter's Box
    Michelle - Rantings of The Reckmonster
    Bob - Squatlo Rant
    Jillsmo - Yeah. Good Times.
    Chaplain Donna - Empowered Peace
    Erin - The Life of Ann James
    Lynn - Thoughts of a Randomista
    Tsaritza - the Tsaritza sez
    Mone't - EmDottie
    Cheryl - Diana Dishes
    Charli - Man, Wife, and Dog
    Tameka - The Writing Assassin
    Michelle W. - Mommy Confessions
    Brandon - My Own Private Idaho

    If you're not following them already, then what's wrong with you?

  4. A heart congrats to my Idahomie!!! Whoo! Hoo! And a super special "You da Stunner Man Creator!" virtual high five to Q! Man, you deserve a super long break for all of the work you put in on this - it was super fun and entertaining and best of all, you got me following some other great bloggers now. Job well done, my friend!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry, I hate typos....


    I showed your award to my husband and said I was sad it wasn't mine. He said "I can get you one of those at Fry's."

  7. LOL @ Jillsmo! But, will it have your name on it? :)

  8. Congrats Idaho! That was one crazy competition! I don't want to have to work that hard again for a long time! To everyone who voted for me, I say THANK YOU- you are awesome! To everyone who didn't, I say- What the hell is wrong with you??

    Q- Thanks for forcing me into early retirement!

    If it comes with a nap, I'll proudly take the title of runner-up!

  9. Brandon.... I'm working on a new post. It starts off with, Confession: I was beaten by a spud. ;-)

  10. As the 80's comedian Yakov Smirnoff would say...

    In Soviet Russia, potato makes hash browns out of you!


    Thanks for the kudos. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to take a shot of some scotch, a couple sleeping pills, and take a LONG nap.

  11. Congratulations to both Brandon and Michelle for claiming the top prizes in the blogging competition. Job well done.

    And thanks again to you Q for organizing the competition and inviting me to participate. It was fun! ...However, you may want to check out my upcoming blogging collaboration scheduled for Wednesday before you decide to invite me back next year. It is going to be spicey, juicy and oh-so naughty ; )

  12. This was fun, guys! Congrats to Taterhead for the victory, and thanks to everyone involved for playing nice with one another... I've made new friends from this little contest, got new followers, and definitely have more blogs to stalk now that I've been turned on to all the talent in this group!

  13. WOW!!! That was a crazy ass battle but I was so glad to have been in it! congrats to my sput man and michelle you kept us all on our toes!

  14. Congratulations to both finalists. A deserving winner his blog makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. This competition has opened my eyes to so many amazing blogs. Thanks Thank Q

  15. Congrats to everyone that participated and to the Winner. It was so much fun just being apart of this event. Q, genius as always. This was a very unique and fun way to get the word out about other blogs and get people visiting!


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