Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bit Much?

Okay, the latest controversy in Jackson is about a couple of billboards a local gentlemen's club, by the name of Danny's, has placed on the highways.

Tasteful or distasteful?

Is a bit much? Are we at a point in society where we should just accept things like this and move on? I remember at one time when people were protesting "The Simpsons". Now, 25 years later, shows like "Family Guy", "The Boondocks" and "South Park" are just another show.

So, with Victoria's Secret having prime time shows showing night wear and the Miss America Pageant showing "cheeks galore" in the swimsuit segment in stunning HD, are we to the point to where this is just something else that was once frowned upon that we will now accept?

If so, how many years are we away from having nude people on billboards?


  1. I think it's too much. Not okay with me.

  2. TMM, should the club be advertised at all? Should it have just been a dancer's face instead of the entire body? Where do people draw the line?

  3. lmfao I'm a little disappointed in myself that I'm OKAY with this lol I've seen so much that this is PG13 to me. You have to remember Im a stylist and I'm around strippers a lot. Now if I wasn't I think I would be disgusted...but sad to say...I'm not lol

  4. It's beyond the line. If the road were only travelled by adults, then that's one thing. But it's a highway. Yeah I'd love to be toting my 10 & 12 yr old to soccer with that greeting us. My 12 yr old would enjoy it I'm sure. But seriously- what about 5, 6 yr olds-- boys OR girls. Here's my litmus test: Ask the ad agency owner OR club director if they would like to have that sign next to their front door and explain the joke to their young kids. The pic is one thing-- The headline is what sends it screaming over the cliff

  5. LOVEIT. Get over it people. Who cares. What if it was a Coppertone tan ad with a chick in a bikini and it said Lifes A Beach. People are way too sensitive. At least ladies it doesnt say, "Our Strippers love to climb YOUR pole" And what kid is going to care about looking at that anyways. Like a teen is looking at stuff more uncovered than that and youngers kids probably think she is a firemans wifes sliding down the pole

  6. Falen, I just don't think it's a good combination with the lady's attire and the slogan. That billboard would mean nothing in Miami in a beach setting without the slogan. I think the combo of the slogan and lady makes people upset. If she were advertising swim wear, no one would care.

  7. And Falen, since I don't see a comment, I take it that you haven't seen my "A Distorted View" blog. LOL!

  8. Jersey Diva Mom, if you only saw the manager of the club. LOL! He's an unsavory looking character that goes by the name of "Memphis". I'm guessing his name derives from the pimp acronym "Making Easy Money Pimping Hoes In Style". Don't judge. I learned that in college. I doubt he's a man who cares what his kids watch/see. As for the owner, he's 15 years into a 27 year stint in prison.

  9. This Daddy, I commented before without seeing your post first. Exactly! If the slogan wasn't on there with the woman, it would be a totally different thing. The context is what I think is offending people.

  10. I think that this is a bit much, but not because of the naked lady :o/ (i know, shocker!) but because of the extra "danny's" placed every where! It's kinda tacky and it to me, it shows that Danny's maybe just as disgusting.

    BUT! to explain the stripper and why I am not "interested" - because like Falen said, it is kinda expected to be PG-13. We have these hoodrat ass videos on BET of bitches shaking it all, what's a little vagina cleavage? We've become immune to legs, breast and ass. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is naked people on the billboards within the next year.

    But you know we all share nasty minds in the first place.



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