Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Limit Your Kid's Dreams

Anyway, I'm watching "Man v. Food" the other day and I keep thinking to myself, "This dude is going to die on camera."

Seriously. Does this guy not take his life in his own hands every time he stuffs a pizza, hot dog or insanely-hot wing in his mouth? How do you even get a job eating for a living anyway? What was the interview like? "Hi. I'm Adam Richman."

"Nice to meet you, Adam. Let's get started. Do you like to eat?"

"Yes. I've eaten ever since I was a baby. I can't live without food!"

"Excellent. Can you eat a lot of food?"

"Yes. I've been known to stuff myself from time-to-time. One Thanksgiving, at my grandmother's house, I went back for seconds."

"Great! You're hired!"

So, this guy travels the country and stuffs himself with good-looking food. Amazing. If only I knew they were hiring. Dag, some people have all of the luck.

Growing up, my parents never told me that I could have a cushy job that can be fun, too. Why did they make me think that work was always suppose to lack pleasure? I could have been a professional eater, or a photographer for King or Maxim Magazine or even a U.S. Senator.

Parents, don't limit your kid's dreams. Let them know that there are jobs out there that can be fun. Who wouldn't want to eat for a living? Who wouldn't want to take photos of gorgeous models? Who wouldn't want to pass a bill that benefits their own business while living off of their constituents' tax money?

Make sure your kids are informed!


  1. It seems crazier than ever what people get paid a mint to do these days - Get paid to tweet, test video games, play with & review things, take pictures like you mentioned, endless food critics....umm, hello, I want that job.

    You're so right. lol

  2. Exactly! I never heard about these things when I last applied for a job! I need to surf the internet for a job that pays well to leave comments on blogs. I could do that eight hours a day, I think.

  3. Hee hee! I keep telling my children they don't want to be a teacher like me, go for being a rock star or something! But perhaps I might suggest a professional eater!

  4. LOL! Wouldn't a professional eater be the best job ever? I could justify being overweight right now if people asked me what I did for a living. "Oh, me? I'm a professional eater." :)

  5. Now that's thinking outside the box!


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