Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Divided States of America

"United we stand, but divided we fall".

That phrase has been thrown around for the better part of three centuries. We've all heard it, yet we don't subscribe to the theory.

"United States of America"? More like the "Divided States of America".

How can we call ourselves "united" when we're constantly separating ourselves from one another?

To most people that I know, I'm considered African-American or black. I've been in this country almost 39 years and I don't ever recall once being called an "American". In fact, if I live 39 more years, I seriously doubt I'll ever hear someone in this country refer to me as an "American". The only way I'll hear it is if I go to a foreign country. They tend to refer to their visitors from the U.S. as "Americans".

Why am I classified in my own country? Why is the U.S. different? Why do I have to select who I am on every application I fill when it should be assumed that I'm just an "American"?

Then there's the old Democrat and Republican argument that's been going on for a few hundred years. Citizens align themselves with a political party and a news station that promotes that party's agenda and then the ignorance begins.

We've all seen countless town hall meetings of people screaming at one another over statements they're regurgitating from a Glenn Beck or Chris Matthews. They only know one side of the story, but they testify as if they really understand what's going on in this country.

I watch both FOX News and MSNBC (so I can actually get something that resembles the truth) and I see how both of them manipulate their audiences. FOX News is notorious for taking a Democratic's quote and selling their own interpretation of it as a fact. MSNBC is notorious for bringing Republicans on as guests and then screaming them down without letting them express their point.

As long as Republicans and Democrats keep us arguing, they'll keep making money. Republicans toasted George W. for basically creating a monopoly for the pharmeceutical companies. Democrats tore him a new one for preventing imports from Canada amongst other things. But, when Barack basically extends the same agreement, the Democrats have nothing to say and now Republicans are up in arms. Both of them did the same thing, but we act as if they're different because these news stations treat them as such.

And while the citizens are arguing about it, both Demos and Repubs keep getting rich and re-elected because we feel that they can't be wrong. After all, FOX News and MSNBC says they're correct, right?

Name one politician in the White House who isn't rich? Can't do it, can you?

Now, ask yourself this: would you raise millions of dollars for a job? Sounds stupid, doesn't it? Well, politicians do it every election.

There is a Senate candidate in Nevada who raised over $3 million dollars in less than two weeks. Two weeks! All for a job that paid a salary of $174,000 in 2009.

Think about it. What person would raise millions of dollars for a job that pays $174,000 unless there was some sort of kickback from it? And do you truly think corporations donate millions of dollars to a candidate without expecting something in return?

Those same corporations who give their senior leaders eight-digit bonuses and donate millions towards campaign finance have the audacity to tell the U.S. citizens that they don't have the money to create jobs. Interesting.

So, if you're arguing that one party really cares about spending more than the other -- you're fooling yourself.

If you're arguing that one party is fiscally responsible than the other -- you're fooling yourself.

If you think that the same people responsible for sending jobs overseas truly want to create jobs here, then I hope you're good-looking because brains aren't your strong suit.

Who do you think the White House will show its loyalty to regularly:

The corporations that donated the millions and millions of dollars to get them a $174,000 job?

Or you?

Stop voting for political parties and vote for progress.

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  1. you hit the nail on the head yet again! There is more money in keeping us seperated and fighting against each other...there is no profit with peace!!!


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