Friday, September 24, 2010


Have you ever wanted to blog, but couldn't? That's the dilemma I'm in now. I'm out of town on business in Windsor, CT, and I've started four blogs only to crap out midway on each of them.

So, I figured I'd just type whatever came to mind. I'm sitting in my hotel room (Courtyard Marriott) and watching the Miami/Pitt NCAA football game on this ugly, 25-inch, tube TV they stuck me with during my stay.

Really, Marriott? All kinds of hotel revenue and you can't get flat screens for the room?

Wow, Miami just scored again and I swear there are 13 Pitt fans left in the stands.

Anyway, I thought about how much I've enjoyed my trip to Windsor. It's my second time here since May and the one thing that has surprised me is the hospitality. All of my northern co-workers have broken the stereotypes on "northern rudeness". Each and every last one of them has made me feel as if I were at home and it's been a great feeling. I work with some really great people.

Also, the weather has been absolutely beautiful here! When I left Jackson on Monday, it was 97 degrees. I get to Windsor and it's been 78-85 degrees all week long with partly sunny skies.

Then, mix in the fact that I had some great food while I was here. I had no idea that anyone other than southern folks could throw down on BBQ, but there's a restaurant here called Nat's that blew me away! I couldn't believe how good the ribs were. And you would think ribs once in a week would suffice, but I got tempted in another restaurant called the Tunxis Grill. I got the fried rib appetizer and I almost clotheslined (wrestling move) the bust boy because he failed to tell me in a past life that those ribs were so good. Although they were fried, they were glazed with sweet and tangy BBQ and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Lord, have mercy.

Well, that's been my week in a nutshell. The one thing that I've realized about myself is that TV fuels my "bloggability". And for the record, I wasn't the first person who use that term. Trust me, I checked. But, being at home and watching MSNBC and FOX News really gives me ammunition to start blogging. Well, that and drunk guys or women with bad odors at gas stations.

But, blogging is something done with passion and not just something to do. Annah even has a birthday for her blog. And I swear that I can visualize Falen frowning as she's typing her blog and then laughing uncontrollably after she reads it back to herself.

They're writing with passion. With a purpose. Unfortunately, this week, I have nothing. Nothing to fuel my fire. The Mrs. is at home and I miss her. Watching this hotel TV from the 90's is lame. And absolutely no one has pissed me off this week because my Windsor co-workers are the bomb (oh, yes, I did go back to 1997 on that term "the bomb").

For some reason, my mind is just... blank.

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