Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Mrs.

Someone recently asked me why I refer to my significant other as "The Mrs." They said it sounded more "business" than "personal".

Well, let me explain to all of you why mi esposa is referred to on a regular basis as "The Mrs."

First of all, she doesn't mind the title at all. She tends to like being referred to as "The Mrs." because of the respect the name brings. She once tried to refer to me as "The Mr.", but it just didn't flow off the tongue quite right. So, I'm simply her "husband" when being referred to other people.

But, I got the idea to do something different with her title because of my disdain with a popular trend. If you have read more than three or four of my posts, then you should know that I'm old school. I don't dislike everything that isn't considered old school, but it's safe to say there are a lot of things under-30 year olds do that help dumb down the rest of the U.S.

One of those things is calling a girlfriend, "wifey" or a boyfriend, "husband".

These people who do this are taking the pinnacle of a relationship and dumbing it down to something that's not even qualified to pass off as common law marriage. Just a bunch of kids "playing grown-up".

Why would someone think this is okay? Because people don't take anything seriously in today's society. Everything is a freakin' reality show to people now. Marriage is the ultimate achievement for any couple that decided to go out on a date. Now, the titles achieved by two people who vow to love one another has been downgraded to two pimply-faced teens who share a burger with one another every Friday night.

Now, if you feel the opposite of me, then I would love to hear your argument to convince me that there is a situation where a couple can refer to themselves as husband and wife without legally being married or of common law status.

So, since "wife" means absolutely no more than "girlfriend" by today's standards, I've decided to use another term that shows the status that mi esposa holds. At least until the idiots from the next generation screw that up...

What's your take on this? Join the discussion here.


  1. Obviously, I love that you call her The Mrs.

    And-I agree, marriage is "the ultimate achievement" & keeping it together is work.

    And-that work pays huge dividends.

    Keep it up Q!

  2. I figured you would love that title if no one else did :)

    I appreciate the comment. I do agree that people need to look at marriage as the pinnacle of a relationship and not just something two people who have been with each other forever do.

  3. Finally up here! I truly like your approach and you know already how hard I fought in Tampa not to be addressed as wife! Besides of that I find "hubby and wifey" pretty belittling and not a loving nickname at all. I love your idea of "The Mrs." Its loving and a bit intruiging!

  4. Thanks, Paula! It's like when you mentioned that your husband uses the word "friend" with everyone. Certain words... No, no, no... Allow me to rephrase... Certain TITLES are dear to me. I will absolutely not waste them on someone who is not worthy.

    Unfortunately, in today's society, not everyone thinks that way and titles that are supposed to mean something have their meanings diluted.

    Thanks for commenting!


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