Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can A Woman "Ask For It"?

There was a recent incident involving the New York Jets football team and a female reporter by the name of Ines Sainz. Sainz, who is widely known for her tight clothes and flirtatious behavior (more so than reporting) has filed a complaint against a few players for harassing her with "cat calls" and other juvenile displays of machismo.

Here's my disclaimer: no one deserves to get harassed while on their job in any shape, form or fashion.

Now having said that, Ines is a very attractive lady who dresses provocatively and is known to flirt with players in order to get interviews. Examples of some of her stories involve: who has the biggest biceps and which one of these players can I get to carry me on his shoulders?

Because of this, I don't consider her a "professional" reporter, but more of a sideshow for ratings. Also, I think women + mens' locker rooms = potential for a lawsuit. You'd never see a male reporter allowed in a women's locker room.

So, given all of that information, I'm asking the ladies: Can you sympathize with a lady who appears to go above-and-beyond to get the attention of men, but get upset when she gets it?

I'd love to see your opinion in the comments below. How does Ines make you feel as a professional woman? Can a woman "ask for it"?

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  2. LOL @ Falen! I knew I could count on you for something entertaining as well as enlightening.

  3. Honestly, I can sympathize. I think it's something that should go unsaid. If the guys think she's sexy, fine. Talk about it when she's not around.

    But... If she's just looking for some cheap publicity and wasn't really offended or was trying to provoke a reaction for her own gain, shame on her.

  4. Erin, it's hard to say. I asked you ladies because I wanted to get a perspective from you all on this. I didn't want to come across the wrong way (being a man and all). I do think that it's unfair to men, since we're simple and all, to display the goods and then get mad if we look. Then again, looking and staring are too different things.

  5. Yeah, I agree... I mean she MUST know she looks good! Plus... "It's better to be looked over than overlooked!!"

    I think I draw the line with the catcalling and comments. It's disrespectful if she's honestly just there trying to do her job. I'm personally okay with being looked at, but if someone was to say something to my face, I'd be taken aback.

  6. I love the quote "looked over than overlooked". As for her doing her job, it would be easier for her to do so in appropriate attire. But, because of what she wears, I don't think she really has a serious job any way.

  7. Hi'ya the question. I was shocked at the first pics outfit! (I don't shock easy either)I was shocked because she is wearing this at her job...and she wants (or doesn't?)to say she is a professional reporter? Now don't get me wrong...I love seeing a good looking lady like the rest, but I think she is making a spectacle of herself. I mean if you ask for a pie in the face, don't get mad if some goes up your


  8. LOL @ TED! Yeah, she would have pie in her face for days if that were the case!

  9. Look, she knew what she was getting when she walked into that Jets locker room. Right or Wrong and my wife would kick my ass if I disrespected a woman but, she could have went about her job alot differently. Erin Andrews didnt dress like that, Suzy Kolber didnt dress like that

  10. I agree.. she isn't professional at all, and until she starts dressing differently, she should expect crap like that to happen.

    Plain and simple, she just wants to be an attention whore.

  11. Thanks, This Daddy! I'm glad the blog is appreciated! And you're right. Erin and Suzy have always been professional with their jobs.

    Evil p0ptart? Classic name! LOL! I agree with the fact that she just wants attention. I guess she got more than she bargained for with the Jets.

  12. I thought of more to say on this topic! LOL!

    I think she's dressing for her audience, not the players. Mexican TV is so different from US, so her "uniform" is fitting with what they expect. Would her audience really tune in to someone in a suit jacket when they can see this instead? I think not. Maybe she doesn't have much choice in the matter?

  13. More, Erin? :)

    I watch Univision and Telemundo and the outfits are fitting on a lot of shows. Then again, that may be why I watch because mi espanol es muy malo! :)

    But, she wasn't in her country when this event happened. She was in the U.S. where we have the most male "pigs" per capita. LOL! And I'm a firm believer that you have to know your environment and adapt.


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