Sunday, September 12, 2010

Addicted to Court TV

I think I'm addicted to court TV. It's the one of the few reality-based programming items that I can get with on a regular basis. I guess my background in law got me interested initially, but about 15 years ago, I got hooked.

I'm fans of Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, Judge Milian, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Lynn Toler (who I now have a new celeb crush on since I'm now over Wanda Sykes and her high-priced tickets).

They are all problem solvers. Something I (not so) secretly want to be. One of the reasons I blog is because it allows me to provide insight to things that may help someone. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not an expert, but it doesn't take an expert to teach a person something.

We can all learn from paying attention and some time the most foolish person you know can teach you a lesson without saying a word to you. Some of these lessons I learn from watching these court shows. It teaches me about personalities, lack of loyalty (since friends/family sue one another), basic properties of the law and displays basic moral issues.

So, whether I'm expanding my vocabulary from listening to Judge Brown or watching Judge Judy screaming down some dude over his lack of morals, I feel I'm being entertained and educated.

TV can be good if you make wise viewing decisions. I'm not saying you should only watch the Discovery Channel or anything. I watch "Robot Chicken" and "Tosh.0" for every episode of "People's Court" or "Judge Judy", so I have an extremely unique mix. But, I try to balance my programming so that it's not too one-sided.

I think highly of these TV judges. I've read Judge Mathis' book, which is very good by the way. I've read a lot of their bios and how they came to be judges. Although there is a bit of "Hollywood" in these shows, ultimately, you have an unbiased person making a decision on a case. Unbiased. Despite how obnoxious a plaintiff/defendant may be, the judges will still rule in their favor if the evidence reveals that's the case. Nothing like a little honesty from people in power. That's rare now days.

I've always wondered what this country would be like if these same judges were in the White House. Would decisions be based on morals and common sense instead of lack of morals, dollars and cents?


  1. Those shows keep my silly ass out of trouble tee he he lol

  2. They do give good tips on what NOT to do at times.


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