Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trend Setter

Every now and then, I get curious to what brings people to my site. I go through the keyword searches to determine how my blog is found. Feel free to click the link to open another window and show you the blog posts that are trending on TQ!

(keyword and # of hits)
hooters 1,143

cereal killer 989

drunk 864

taylor stone 382

monster ball 366

The remaining of the Top 10 Keyword Searches That Bring People to TQ:

jillian barberie 350
black hockey players 257
friend zone 254
monsters ball 246
slim shady 223

I guess these searches aren't that bad. I've seen crazier keyword searches over at Brandon's site or on Annah's site. I guess I should feel pretty good that no one finds me through a keyword search like "arrogant know-it-all who isn't as smart as he thinks he is."


  1. I kind of miss the keyword searches from my old blog...they were much better than my new one. Google readers are sick fucks.

    You should see the ones on my naughty site though! ;) *blush*

  2. My newest trending one is "Funny Jesus pictures"

    I was aghast.

    But hey, whatever floats their boat...


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