Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've dropped tons of acronyms on you within my blog posts since Day One. But, here's one you've probably never heard of before: The EOE. The Equal Opportunity Exploiter.

Yep, we're talking VH1. I have to applaud them. I've seen "Basketball Wives 1 and 2," "Love & Hip-Hop," "Mob Wives" and now we can all look forward to "Baseball Wives." VH1 keeps it real! No just exploiting black women here. They'll exploit anyone! Black, Italian and now a couple of Latinas and some good ol' American white women!

And I do give the cast members of this show a little credit. After all, each of them are either currently married to a baseball player or were once married to one. That's better than the baby mamas saturating the "Basketball Wives" cast.

I came across this show on Facebook when one of my "friends" stated that she didn't want to watch the show because the women dressed "slutty." LOL! What? This is from someone who watches BBW, Real Housewives and Jersey Shore. Uh, ok.

Trust me, VH1 guarantees drama which guarantees ratings. People will get their modern day Jerry Springer fix and will be anxious to discuss the show on social networks. Besides, I'm sure Anna Benson (middle of photo) has the resume to provide drama. She was once named baseball's hottest wife and said if her husband ever cheated on her that she would sleep with the entire Mets organization. If that's not drama, then I'm not sure what is.

After all, Anna is a self-made woman. Dropped out of high school, stripped in Atlanta strip clubs (where she met her husband, Kris) and has made her way onto FHM's magazine cover. Don't you love a country where self-proclaimed "harlot" can turn a 10th grade education into being a millionaire's spouse and a reality TV show? God bless America!

I guess Twitter will tell all. "Basketball Wives" has single-handedly shut down Twitter from tweets from the fans who watch the show. Personally, I wish all of these shows would go away, but they're very successful in the television ratings on top of being inexpensive to produce. I don't think we're too far away from multiple all-reality show channels and the extinction of scripted television. "CSI" will be replaced by "Welfare Women With Nothing To Do." "How I Met Your Mother" will be replaced by "From Ashy to Classy." And so on and so on...

Prepare yourselves people. The EOE is on pace to kill billions of brain cells... one episode at a time.



  1. I stopped watching MTV and VH1 when they stopped showing music videos. Now I'm even more glad than before.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I hate these shows. I have never watched a single episode of Real Housewives of where the fuck ever, Basketball Wives, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, any reality show like Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, MTV's Real World, Road Rules, or any of that bullshit. I don't care to see ignorant, classless, idiots (male and female) making money and gaining "fame" off being drunk whores. I know that they are hits and "guilty pleasures" of a lot of Americans but I refuse to add to ratings or their profit. They make me SO ill! There is nothing entertaining about that to me. What do you gain from watching it? Nothing, absolutely nothing, you just sit and judge and think how much better than them you that the kind of TV I want to watch? Hell no.

    I, like you, am aware that TV like this is going nowhere but I so wish I was a TV exec that could change the programming because it is pure crap!

  3. These shows are nauseatingly annoying because they showcase all that is RIDICULOUS in America. I hate that THIS is what we put on display for the rest of the world to see and use to form opinions about us. And don't get me started on what example this sets for the youngsters in America: Hey, I can grow up and get on a tv show for having big boobs (a la your Girls Gone Wild post!) or marrying someone who makes a shit ton of cash for PLAYING a game he loves to play anyway. Or vice versa: I can just play a game I love to play and get a wad of cash for it and I'll get a wife/wifey/baby momma/boo with big boobies! The sicker thing is that SO MANY Americans tune into the garbage. That's why I just keep my channels set to "favorites" (like the History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery ID, A & E, and a couple of select others - but definitely not VH1, MTV, or E!).

  4. I LOVE reality shows. I'd much rather watch real people being outlandish than some brainless script. If you don't like these shows, THEN DON'T WATCH THEM. This is, after all, America - where you can watch what you want. I can't wait for this show to get a glimpse of what it is like to be married to a pro athlete.

  5. @ LiI - They used to show music videos?

    @ Jewels - How do you really feel? LOL! You summed it up rather nicely. The closest I come to reality TV are the funny home video shows like Tosh.0 or Ridiculousness. At least I know someone racking himself into a coma trying to do a back flip on a bike is real.

    @ Reck - Talent is no longer required to be on TV any more and it shows. So many popular celebs can't act, dance or sing. All they have for talent is a filthy mouth, big boobs and a love for drinking. It makes anyone think they can be a star.

    @ Anonymous - Trust me. I don't watch them. But, you're mistaken if you think that most of these shows aren't scripted. Although the participants may not have lines to memorized, it's well documented that a lot of these shows have actors/actresses who participate along with the contestants. And I wouldn't have a problem with these shows if it weren't so many of them. Even your statement "get a glimpse of what it is like to be married to a pro athlete" makes me nervous because these shows are far from the lives of everyday athletes. But, you do have the right to watch and be entertained by them.

  6. One of my favorite (scripted) shows on TV - Desperate Housewives - has been cancelled, reportedly to make way for a new "reality" show. It sucks.

    I have a friend who worked on the set during the first season of RHOA. Apparently whenever the lighting, camera angle or sound isn't right, they re-shoot scene. How can you re-shoot an argument, full conversation or a funny moment? These shows aren't real by any stretch of the imagination. But with ratings as high as they are, "reality" TV isn't going anywhere.

  7. Q. OK, first of all the only way to watch any of those shows is with the sound off or with your teenaged daughter when you wish to provide her living examples of where her bad behaviour will end her. (end her up?)

    When I started this comment I thought I had something truely insightful to say but I started thinking about that young woman with the bat up above, and that started me to thinking about football and now I'm remembering that I need to go get an Rx before I leave town again. I think that I'm starting to run off the tracks. That happens any time I don't get pumpkin pie at T-giving.

  8. LMAO! OMG!This was hella funny. EOE is right on the money Q. I have seen them all to and these will just another bunch of ghetto women that married well and still have no class. Will I be watching: YES! LMAO!

  9. @ Tiffany - I'm so glad you added that comment. They treat these shows just like a regular scripted show when it comes to scenes. Those arguments aren't all authentic and so much of those shows are forced.

    @ Mooner - Get some pumpkin pie and get the wheels back on the track, my friend.

    @ Logallot - You can have it. LOL! I can't bare to watch these train wrecks. I have watched simply for blog content, but that's about it. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes I laugh just out of the sheer lunacy, but I just wish they'd put all of these shows on one station.


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