Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 7 Link (Post) Challenge to You!

One of my blogging inspirations, Sonia, over at, nominated me to take part in “My 7 Link Challenge!” Here's how it works: bloggers publish seven links from their blog of posts from their archives.

Pick seven posts (that maybe some of your new followers missed) from your blog that were the most informative, entertaining or even controversial.

In the words of Sonia, "this is an awesome opportunity to introduce other bloggers that you admire to share some 'oldie but goodie posts!'"

So, here are my seven and then I will pay it forward and nominate a few of my new favorite bloggers to do the same:

Boonies Aren't For Me (Part I)
A story about a very long (and scary) weekend in the boondocks of Mississippi.

Sexy, Cute or Both?
Do women know the difference between "sexy" and "cute?"

Just Put Me In Charge
If I were responsible for running the justice system, things would be different.

Just Buy It Already!
Ladies, why do you torture men at the mall?

Fat Women Don't Like Sports?
If you watch sports, then you know fat women are rarer than a 99-yard touchdown run.

When Pampering Becomes Tampering
A story about a cute girl who took her makeup to the Twilight Zone.

 Get Out of My Back Pocket!
My trip to Louisiana that resulted in having people upset me over personal space violations.

The people I'm choosing to see their best posts are:

Tori from KinxnQuirx
Cinderita from The Adventures of Cinderita
Angie over at the Maneaters Blog

Thanks for the inspiration, Sonia! You can talk to Sonia yourself as she joins me on T2Q along with Brandon (My Own Private Idaho).

You can hear a previous conversation I had with her in April here.



  1. I could have sworn I already commented on this, but I think my computer had other issues. The boonies is the story I couldn't remember. I just read it again and was cracking up laughing. I have to check out the other ones as well. Thanks Q for taking part in this.

  2. This was a lot of fun, Sonia! Thanks for including me in the challenge. Some of these I may need to re-read myself! :)


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