Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Buy It Already!

Guys, how many times have you gone to the mall with your significant other only to get stuck outside of a dressing room?

So many of you have been there. The woman takes in 20 items and tries on every single one of them. She comes out every three minutes to ask your opinion on her outfit.

She'll ask, "Do these jeans make me look fat?"

Your actual response,"No, those jeans do not make you look fat."
Your actual thoughts, "Your fat makes you look fat."

I honestly think if men went with their actual thoughts, it would cut down on their time sitting outside of the waiting room. Then again, it would extend your time waiting in the bedroom, so maybe that's a bad idea.

Ladies, why does it matter what we think anyway?

Men already know that our opinion has about as much value as a back pocket on a t-shirt. Women already know if something makes them look good or not, but they just want to hear us say it, I guess.

When it's all said-and-done, she actually likes two of the 20 items that she tried on. What happens next, you ask? She puts each and every last one of them back on the rack and says, "Let's go."

WHAT!!!!!???? Go where? Home? Are you kidding? After he sat there and watched her change outfits more than a Broadway Play she's not buying any of them?

Just buy it already! Buy something! Don't leave the store empty-handed after your man sat outside that waiting room long enough to start having his mail delivered there! If you don't want the clothes, then buy the clothes hangers! Have something to show for the most miserable two hours he's spent since watching "Sharktopus" on the SyFy Channel. (Please watch the video link. It is the most pathetic attempt at a horror movie I think I've ever seen. Quite comical, actually.)

Ladies, please tell us men why you torture us so?
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