Sunday, November 21, 2010

"We Wear Short Shorts!"

The title of this blog won't mean anything to anyone under 30 years old. Click here if you're curious (or nostalgic for those who knows its origin).

Here's the scoop: two members of the Univ. Tennessee-Chattanooga dance team (the Sugar Mocs) were not allowed to perform because they refused to wear the new uniforms.

The two ladies both said that the uniforms were too short and referred to them as "booty shorts". They even asked if they could wear flesh-colored tights under the shorts and the coach said, "no".

Why did they not let these ladies perform? It's not like they were coming out there wearing a rival team's colors, so why not let them sport whatever they wore the previous week or something?

Look, I'm all for booty shorts (LOL!), but I also think that in today's society, where morals have gone the way of the dinosaur, that these young ladies should be applauded for having the courage to say "I'm not doing it."

Sex sells and now colleges are trying to get on-board to do what it takes to increase attendance. Some take notes from the professional franchises and make their dancers/cheerleaders sexier.

Isn't it normally the other way around? The students pushing the limits on what's "too sexy" instead of the school pushing the students?

If you're above the age of 18, then you can wear what you want (within reason). I'm not arguing that. I'm arguing for these two young ladies, with high standards, that refused to go against their moral upbringing at the risk of exposing themselves.

These ladies should be cheered and this story is perfect for someone to teach a young person that it's okay to go against the crowd if it's for what you believe is right.

When did exploiting college students sexually become "okay"?

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