Monday, November 22, 2010

I'll Forgive You... This Time...

My birthday came and went and none of my 35 followers or 58 FB Fans seemed to notice. Hmmph! Some followers you guys are! I guess no one pays attention to the profile/bios, huh?

No Colorful Rants in honor of my Life and Times. No Thoughts from a Randomista. Nothing. I didn't even get a Lollipop. Are You Serious? Not one fellow blogger/follower wished me Good Times? I thought I'd generated enough "famosity" for you all to count down the days to my b-day. Again, I say, "Hmmph!"

Okay, I basically turned this into a blog roll. Now you know what I read regularly.

Seriously, I've never made a big deal about my birthday. So many people at work said, "Q, it's your day! Enjoy it!"

In which I'd always give the same reply, "Everyday is my day."

I believe in celebrating life daily, so I don't need an annual reminder to do so.

Whenever I'm on Facebook, I always have a few friends who give you that countdown to their b-day. "Only 13 more days, y'all!"

How about the person who pins a $5 bill on themselves so that everyone knows it's their birthday and feels guilted into giving them money when they see them?

Or they celebrate that milestone birthday. "Come out to my 27th birthday party tomorrow, y'all!"

And yes, I was being facetious when I said "milestone". Who celebrates the number 27 besides an egomaniac? LOL!

To each their own, so let me stop hating. I'm thankful for every morning I can open my eyes and although reaching another year does mean something to me, I don't expect everyone else to stop their lives to help celebrate mine. It's a nice gesture, but not necessary.

I do pretty well celebrating on my own. :)

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