Saturday, November 5, 2011

BILF & Cookies?

Okay, there are no cookies involved this time. It's been a while, but I've received another blogging award! It's by far the most unique award I've ever received and it appears that a previous post of mine sparked the idea. My east coast buddy, Jewels, from the forever-entertaining According to Jewels blog site, came up with the idea. Brandon from My Own Private Idaho encouraged her (some how, you knew he was involved, didn't you?) and Jewels ran with the idea.

I wound up being the first recipient of this illustrious award! I'm honored and I'll be truthful with you when I say that my chest is stuck out a little farther than normal today after receiving this award. Every man wants to say, "I still got it!"

But, here's dilemma #1: as a married man, I have to be careful of how I pass this award along. I can't be too descriptive in why I think some woman deserves this award. Also, I don't want to creep the person out by giving them this award. It would give an entirely new meaning to "blog stalking." So, ladies, I want you to accept this award and realize that it comes from a good place. No, not that place, but from a platonic if-I-were-single-and-lived-in-your-city-then-I-would-totally-hit-on-you place.

Dilemma #2: Brandon already gave this award to two BILF's that were high on my list in Annah and TOAR. Annah's blog was the first I ever read and TOAR and I disagree with each other so much, that it's no doubt we'd totally have explosive, angry, neighbor-waking... whoops. Sorry. You see? This is the trouble I was trying to avoid, so let me just give out the award to the five people before I find myself homeless:

The Tsaritsa - She's open-minded, intelligent and comfortable in front of a camera. 'Nuff said.

The Reckmonster - Feisty and eats gumbo for breakfast. Marriage material.

AllieOopsie - Like Jewels, Allie is expressive and won't shy away from any topic.

Maneater - If the name frightens you, then you're just a boy.

Ms. Manhood - Her blog can educate you on relationships and sex. What man wouldn't want to be her naughty student?

Congrats on the award and I hope that you all don't unfollow me because of it. LOL! Pass it on and have fun with it!

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  1. Kudos for passing on the award. I am sure that everyone knows it is in good fun and not meant to be creepy...especially the wonderful ladies that you picked. So glad that you found a way to pass along the award so that the ladies can in turn give it out to some's a bit woman heavy right now.

    Why is it that none of the guys I gave it to have sent it along to any dudes? No man crushes going on in the blogging world? I gave mine out to women and men. Such a bummer.

  2. @ Jewels - Woman on woman has never been an issue for me or Brandon, but man on man isn't happening.

    Maybe if the award was called "BILWFW" or "Blogger I'd Like to Watch Football With."

  3. You know, I was tempted to pass it on to my homey Pickleope, but I don't think that would constitute guy on guy... would that be more of a vegetable fetish because of the pickle, or an animal fetish because of the 'ope?'

  4. @ LiI - Neither sounds like it would be legal.

  5. Whoo hooo! What a kickass award! Congrats, Q!!

    And hey, thanks for passin' the blog love along!

  6. @ Reck - You know you're my favorite pinay!

  7. Awesome! Thank you for passing this on to me! Now I have to think of five BILFs to pass this on to!


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