Monday, February 7, 2011

Which Super Bowl Commercial Was The Funniest?


This was absolutely genius!


Honorable Mention
(I wonder if black people will get upset that dude was checking out a white lady? You know how some folks can find racism in anything. Then again, I do see two or three stereotypes in this commercial that will raise flags.)

Throwing in Kenny G made it funny for me.

This will be me some day.

Richard freakin' Lewis? Are you kidding me? Nice!

Brody is the coolest man on the silver screen right now.


At what point will getting hit in the nuts be considered "old?"

This was more disturbing for me than funny. Just plain nasty.

I was borderline on this one, but I still had to thumb it down.

When were Go Daddy commercials ever funny? And Danica Patrick looks like a 12-year old boy who needs a haircut.

Hoes gotta make money, too.

I'll be honest: my dislike for Beiber made me hate this commercial.

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