Monday, February 7, 2011

Push The Button

What lights your fire? I don't mean romantically, but emotionally. What makes you upset? What pushes your button so repeatedly that you choose to vent via speaking out, blogging, or posting on FB/Twitter?

A hot button for The Mrs. is "Zero Tolerance Rules/Laws." She believes that everything has an exception. Everything. Saying kids aren't allowed to bring weapons to school and then expelling a child for bringing a plastic knife for his lunch is an example of zero tolerance gone bad. A man who speeds in his car to get his pregnant wife to the hospital and gets a speeding citation in doing so is another example of what irks her.

You get the drift by now, right?

So, what is the one topic that is able to push the button when it comes to me? There are countless things that push me to express myself, but I've sat here and tried to think of the one thing that gets to me every time. Racism? That's a hot button, but it probably is for everyone. Sexism? Doesn't affect me as a man much, so that may be for some women. Politicians? Yeah, they get me going, but I'm "sometimey" when it comes to them, too. After all, politicians aren't the blame, it's the people who follow them blindly who are the blame.

So, I guess for me, I hate anything that doesn't involve common sense (hence the blog title): People who believe everything they hear/read and report it as fact. People who will take a week off of work to picket outside of Comedy Central about "South Park" rather than just preventing their children from watching it. People who think "individuality" comes from wearing the same name brand shoes/jeans/shirts that everyone else in the neighborhood wears.

So, that's what does it for me. What pushes your button?

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