Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Boom," Goes The Dynamite!

I was going to have a lengthy blog on this, but after listening to former "Talk Soup" host, Hal Sparks, chime in, I don't think there's much left to say. Just listen:

Hal was on the money and although his peers on the set may have been hesitant to agree given their profession, he took a strong stance and didn't back off.

I used to be a small-time sports reporter for a brief time in my life. The toughest question I ever had to ask someone was, "Why do you think your team wasn't able to pull off the win?" to a crying 10th grader.

Ask that to a high school student who just lost a girls' state basketball championship and it can bring about an emotional answer if they choose to answer at all. But, put a camera in the face of someone who is mourning a death can get your sleeves whipped off a la this video!

There is no news in a tragedy other than the act itself. What could the family possibly say that I really need to hear?

"He was a good guy."

"He didn't bother anybody."

"He was a good father."

What do you expect a grieving family member to say with a microphone in his/her face? Something insightful?

The media needs to back off some times. News isn't reported any more, it's created. In an effort to make more of what was already a tragedy, the news crew got too close and got some "might-nots" put upside their heads. ("Might-nots" means might not get up, for the slang-impaired.)

Keep fooling around with raw, human emotion and before you know it, "BOOM", goes the Dynamite.

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