Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Pass

No, I'm not talking about Falen's "Hall Pass" post. I'm talking about people giving others a free pass just because they are biased.

Free Pass #1: R. Kelly
Robert, who I think is part Native American (native name is Flowing Stream), has been accused three times of child molestation and/or porn. Well, let's just call it what it is: it's rape. Molestation is a word someone made up to "pretty up" an act of rape. R married the late Aaliyah when she was 15 years old (Vibe Magazine showed the marriage certificate and the marriage was eventually annulled because of her age). He was also allegedly in a video where he sexed a teen and peed on her. The 21 counts of child porn were later dropped because the (well-paid) Chicago family didn't want to press charges. This happened a month after he was charged with 12 counts of child porn in Florida (which were also thrown out for search/seizure reasons).

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Three times he's been accused (one proven) of child rape. Yet, he opens for the B.E.T. Awards and Twitter goes wild with "R did it big tonight" tweets.

If you're willing to put down your morals for a child rapist just because you like his music, then I'd like to see you try to justify it in the comments section below.

If R. Kelly was an everyday John Doe who worked at the gas station down the street who peed on a 14-year old girl, you'd be the first person to volunteer to be on the jury to send him to jail. But since he can sing and you have the "12 Play" album, then let him slide. After all, "she knew what she was doing," right?

It's easy to sweep crimes under the rug when a woman is the victim.

Free Pass #2: Charlie Sheen
I wouldn't come down so hard this dude if he only hurt himself, but he has endangered the lives of others more than once. This coke head doesn't hide who he is. He's put more up his nose than an elephant locked in a peanut factory. No matter how close he gets to killing himself annually, more people watch his show and CBS gives him a raise to buy more dope/hookers.

Even Keith Richards thinks he should slow down on the partying. Yet, every week, "Two and A Half Men" is high in the television ratings. Why? Because he makes us laugh, it's okay for him to threaten his wife, scare hookers with his behavior, and get so many rides to the E.R. that his 10th ambulance trip is free.

Charlie Sheen will probably outlive all of us, but time-after-time, he apologizes for his behavior, thanks his fans and CBS for their support, and checks into a spa resort... uh, I mean "rehab." Months later he'll be found unconscious in a hotel room with a Jagermeister I.V. in his arm.

What does that say about us as a country? What does that say about you as a person? As long as a person is talented, then it's okay, right?

R. Kelly can pee on my daughter any time since he's my favorite singer, right?

I'd love to live next door to Charlie Sheen's wild parties because he makes me laugh, right?

Sure, it's cool to forgive and give second chances to people we don't even know, but giving someone a third and fourth chance shows that it's not just something wrong with them... it's something wrong with you.

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