Monday, February 21, 2011

Shut Your Pie Hole!

Back in December, I recommended that some parents "Bring Back The Shame." Well, this kid's parents did it. Boy, did they do it.

Here's the story I saw on online:

Now, I have no problem with what the mom did. In fact, I applaud it. So, why the title of the blog post? The idiot (or idiots) who reported this woman and said she was in some way mentally abusing her son.

Shut your pie hole! I'm so sick of these chumps who don't have the guts to do anything that may hurt their kid's feelings. Your child is not your friend. Let me repeat. Your child is not your friend!

Besides, every child is different. What may work for one person's child won't work for another. Now, although we don't know what efforts the mother made to truly turn her son around, we can't argue that although extreme, her desire to "bring back the shame" can be effective. It was very effective when I was growing up. Just the threat of being humiliated by my parents was enough for me to "straighten up fly right" for most of my childhood. Maybe a haircut may have been a start for this kid, but to each their own.

Why is it when someone does something of "shock value" to let their kid know they're not playing, another person has to call Child Protective Services?

People complained about the "Tiger Moms" and how they raise their kids. It's not up to us to determine if someone's culture is effective or not if there is no physical harm being done to the child. Obviously the "Tiger Moms" are very effective in what they do since China runs rings around Americans in pretty much everything except gym class. Their kids won't be asked to the prom, but the Prom King and Prom Queen will probably be working for those "Tiger Cubs" 10 years after Prom Night.

Look, it's okay to voice your opinion. That's why I blog in the first place. So, I'm not saying that a person doesn't have a right to vocally disagree with what Rhonda Holden did or what "Tiger Mom," Amy Chua, has suggested.

But, that's all you should do: vocally disagree. Without any signs of physically harming her child, I wouldn't call CPS on them any quicker than I would call CPS on one of you for taking your child's cell phone or Xbox 360 away. Sure, children can be emotionally damaged, but in order to build anything, you have to test it first. A parent should know the limits of their children's emotionally stability. You can't say that taking your kid's cell phone is any more stressful on the child than standing on the corner holding an "I'm A Dummy" sign.

Besides, isn't raising a child about preparing them for life? No one goes through life without bringing something on themselves. How we recover from it is what makes us who we are in life. Rhonda Holden may not have the means to be a stay-at-home mom. Her son may not be able to go to a nice private school. Just like the mentor said, this may just be a "cry for help."

Shouldn't we meet cries for help with assistance instead of resistance?

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