Saturday, July 21, 2012

Women in Action

Things have changed since I watched television on a 19-inch Magnavox color TV back in 1978. My father, brother and I would watch a lot of movies when there weren't any sports on. I became a huge fan of action movies. I was either watching Clint Eastwood shoot a bad guy in a Western flick or checking out Charles Bronson blowing up some low lifes in the city streets.

However, around the early-to-mid 80's, I started seeing a new trend in action movies like "Alien," "Halloween," and "Nightmare on Elm Street." I started seeing females with the leading role in action movies. Back then, there weren't too many women in action movies. Sure, you had Pam Grier in the 70's and Cynthia Rothrock in the 80's, but there just weren't too many options at the theater to see women who consistently made action flicks. Most of the time, you had to catch these ladies via Blockbuster video.

In 2012, we now have a plethora of females who kick butt for a living in the movie theaters. Most of us are familiar with Angelina Jolie's track record. The sultry actress, with the lips that would make a lollipop weep tears of joy, is probably the most popular female action hero at this time. With movies like "Wanted," "Salt," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and the "Tomb Raider" series, she's leading the pack when it comes to being a leading character in great action movies. By the way, if you haven't seen "Wanted" yet, then do yourself a favor and put it in your Netflix queue now. It's "The Matrix 2.0."

But, I have some other favorites that I enjoy seeing on the big screen as well. You have probably heard of all of them or maybe saw them without knowing who they were.

 Michelle Rodriguez
Why no one has developed a series of movies starring Michelle in a leading role is beyond me. She has the toughness and edginess that makes her the female version of a Jason Statham. With roles in "Machete," "Fast & Furious," "SWAT" and "Girl Fight," Rodriguez normally takes a "tomboy" approach to her roles and pulls it off nicely.

Zoe Saldana
This lady is blowing up these days. She's starting to appear in blockbuster movies on a regular basis. With flicks like "The Losers," "Avatar" and "Star Trek" to her credit, she is on her way to be one of Hollywood's highest paid ladies. Saldana has even recently landed a starring role, in a movie worthy of a sequel, "Colombiana." What started as an appearance as an uncredited extra on "Law & Order" back in the 90's has turned into millions.

Devon Aoki
She's very close to being my favorite, but that lack of a mainstream, leading roles prevents it. Aoki, who is trademarked with that permanent scowl in each movie, doesn't have the acting talents of some of the more well-known actresses. But, despite being limited in the types of roles she could play, has the potential to be a huge star with the right script. She wasn't that appealing to me in "2 Fast & 2 Furious," but her roles in "DOA: Dead or Alive" and "Sin City" were right up her alley. Hopefully, the Sin City sequel, scheduled for release in 2013, will finally put her on the map.  She's an assassin movie waiting to happen if anyone is willing to give her the opportunity.

Guys, who is your favorite female action star? 
Ladies, who is your favorite male action star?


  1. I have to say the ladies of the Kill Bill series were some favorites, and to see those ladies in that assassin movie was great. I have to say Aoki is a favorite of mine. She is overlooked, but that emotionless face is so sexy!

    1. Aoki is perfect for those type of movies. "Kill Bill" had some excellent acting in it. I loved those movies.


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