Monday, July 23, 2012

Support Teen by Liking @ReigningBeautyC's Video

Okay, I'll keep this brief: you know that I'm all about supporting the dreams of others. Well, the one thing that I will support in almost anyway that I can is a kid with a dream. A former co-worker of mine has a daughter who is trying to make things happen. She wants to be featured by Seventeen Magazine. In order to do so, she must receive enough "Thumbs Up" on her YouTube makeup presentation.

It would be greatly appreciate if everyone simply took a minute of their day to click play and at the top of the video window, click Like/Thumbs Up.

I want to put social networking to work and see what it really can do. Please take less than 60 seconds to give someone a start of what could be a career in fashion.

Help Caitlin become a Seventeen Beauty Smartie!

Thank you.


  1. I shared and watched that whole damn video...and we all know how crazy my schedule is...I couldn't stop! She is ADORABLE!


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