Monday, July 23, 2012

VIDEO: Who's to Blame?

Watch the video. Please keep in mind that it's very disturbing in nature... - Jackson, MS

This occurred at a day care in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which is about 45 miles west of Jackson. This video infuriates me. Mainly because a child was victimized and I don't have enough fingers to point and place blame.  Who do you blame?

A) The boy who violently bullied this little girl. 
B) The parent(s) of the boy who either haven't been doing their job or have missed something in regards to their son's behavior. 
C) The day care employee who ignored the girl's crying for the duration of the torture. 
D) The father's reaction when he took his anger out on the wrong child.

Who's to blame in this? I focus most of my attention on the day care employee. She should have been trained to notice and respond accordingly to this abuse. Safety should be her main priority at all times. She has been appropriately charged with two counts of child neglect.

How do you discipline the boy? It's obviously something really wrong with a 9 year old putting that type of force into bullying a toddler. I think he's too far gone for anything other that psychiatric counseling. Maybe Reckmonster can help with that theory. A follow-up story says that the kid has been kicked out of the day care. You think?

The final question is: where are his parents? I've yet to see one on TV. The victim's father apologized for losing his cool and he may face charges, but the perpetrator's parents are unknown to me.

So, where do you start placing blame?
What's the punishment for a 9-yr old who does something so heinous?


  1. Damn, Quincy, I didn't think anything could be more disturbing than the news out of Aurora this week... but here it is.

    You're right about the need for mental health care for that young man. He's not far from being one of the thugs we'll all be dodging on a street corner any day now. Child protective services needs to camp out at his house to find what has inspired this kind of random cruelty, because normal kids don't behave like that. I suspect he has older siblings or an abusive relative at home and is acting out.
    The dad's behavior in the case is understandable, yet just as wrong as the original abuse.
    And the folks in charge of that day care center need to find other work more suited to their nonchalant work ethic. Period. If protecting innocent kids isn't on your radar when you work at a day care center, then you're not fit to work there. I'd require the place to shut down until everyone involved was terminated.
    This is just sad.
    Wish I hadn't stopped by...

    1. Sorry to bum you out, Squat. I do agree that the day care should be closed until they can figure out who's actually in charge there: the kids or the adults. This video is flat-out disturbing and I hate seeing it on my local news.

  2. Hey. This is disturbing, indeed. I worked as a special needs worker in a daycare years ago. To me, this is the behavior of a child who possibly has reactive attatchment disorder or fetal alcohol syndrome. I agree that the worker should be charged and the boy needes help beyond help. Did they investigate his home life? No 'healthy' or 'normal' kid behaves this way. What the hell is going on at home??? Daycare is so frightening. Never had to put mine in, thank god.

    1. I'm so glad that my grandmother stayed down the street from me when I was growing up. She was my daycare. I would be restless if I had a child and had to resort to daycare like most modern-day families do.

      This kid definitely has some issues that I hope get resolved sooner than later. I hope the state intervenes to find out where this aggression originated.


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