Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy White House

I've been following the #OccupyWallStreet protests on TV. I get a kick out of it! I think that it's great that people are banding together to go up against a common foe to improve this country. However, once again, I think the citizens are barking up the wrong tree.

Disclaimer: I have no problems with OWS or the people involved.

After reading that, you know I'm getting ready to piss some people off, huh? Well, I'll try not to do so because it's not my intention. Here's my question:

Why are we going after Wall Street instead of the people who enable them?

It's like The "War on Drugs." We're chasing the drug users and low-level dealers instead of the "big fish." What does that resolve? Nothing! That's why the "War on Drugs" title carries about as much weight as the "King of R&B" title Bobby Brown once claimed.

The politicians are the reason Wall Street has the power that it has. These people didn't come to power on their own. They bought their way into the White House and had their minions change the laws to bolster their greed. Didn't everyone see the video clip of the Wall Street employees sitting on their balconies, drinking champagne and taking cell phone photos of the protesters? They know the protesters can't touch them. They can march until Armageddon and nothing will ever change.

Yet, come Election Tuesday, when the people of the U.S. have the opportunity to actually remove the people who have been enabling Wall Street with the laws they need for tax loopholes and ridiculous bonuses, we do nothing. NOTHING!

I think you may still be dreaming.
It's time to Vacate Wall Street and Occupy White House. You don't have to spend your time marching up and down the street and dealing with the police when you can go right around the corner a few times a year and cast a ballot. Let those losers in the Democratic and Republicans parties know that their days in office are numbered.

- Replace them with Independents who would rather run on an honest campaign than the career polticians who are loyal only to Corporate America.

- Support those who campaign from money out of their pockets rather than those who have collected $100 million in campaign money and then turn right around and tell you that "we need to cut spending."

- Vote for someone who truly understands how to budget by feeding a family of four on a $70,000 household income rather than someone who has a car worth twice that.

- Elect someone who understands the struggle of people who work two jobs to get by rather than someone whose only boss in life was named "Dad."

We have the power to change what goes on in this country, yet we choose not to use it. We'll spend $10 on multiple votes for our favorite "American Idol," but won't go to the polls to vote for free on who will decide what to do with our salaries.

I applaud the 99%.

Do I think you'll actually get something changed? As much as I'd love to see it, no, I don't think you'll change anything. CEO's weren't always filthy rich. Corporations didn't always lay off Americans only to employ those overseas on the cheap. Banks didn't always come up with some made up transaction fee to milk even more money from your checking accounts.

The bottom line is this: there are only two things in this country that have been consistent throughout the increase of corporate greed we've seen over the past 30+ years: Democrats and Republicans.


  1. True, but because of the way our government currently works, it is the people on Wall Street and other billionaires who decide which legislation gets passed. It works both ways.

    In my opinion, Obama really is doing all he can. His Jobs bill is a great idea, but it won't get passed because of the people of congress, who were elected by corporations and the high-rollers of Wall Street.

    What we need is a system overhaul, with publicly funded elections so that it's not just the uber-wealthy who get to run and get the most ads out. Check my post today!

  2. @ Lii - You always tend to get in first. How do you do that?

    @ Tsaritsa - An overhaul is necessary, but will probably never happen. The reason I hold the White House more responsible is because they are obligated to protect the citizens, not Wall Street. They're job description is to maximize profits and I can't really blame them for doing just that. Should be they more conscious? Yes, but it's not required. That's where the government should step in and either put limits on the greed or join in the greed themselves and tax the bejeezus out of these companies.

  3. Oh yes, Wall Street should definitely be regulated, which is government's job, but I don't see that happening without great change. They're both responsible for this mess we're in, Wall St and the gov't. Now to hold them accountable.

  4. @ Tsaritsa - I still don't quite know the purpose of the 99%. Is there a single goal in which they're after? The media isn't helping them at all portraying everyone as a bunch of crazies rioting in the streets.

  5. Haha, I'm just on when you're on. It's a nice coincidence.

    I agree and disagree with Tsaritsa a little... While the government should oversee things and step in when needed, I don't think another oversight committee will solve anything. UNLESS you fix the underlying issue: Corruption in legislation.

  6. @ LiI - Yeah, we have too many committees that steal money as it is. Another one guarantees nothing. We need to clean out the White House and start fresh with "real people." The people in the WH are a lot closer to the 1% than they are the 99%.

  7. You should check out the Occupy Sesame Street page on FB. It's hi-friggin-larious.

    It made me decide to Cookie Monster... with a Occupy Sesame Street.


  8. @ Sassy - Sesame Street? LOL! This I have to see. Thanks for stopping in!

  9. A couple of things to ponder when considering the OWS movement... first of all, there is no leadership or guiding power focusing the anger, it's more spontaneous and genuine than Tea Party rallies funded and organized by billionaire Koch brothers and their cronies. If the message seems garbled, maybe that's because anger and frustration are garbled emotions.
    Secondly, urging people to support, vote for and donate to independent candidates in a land where corporations have been granted "personhood" by the Supreme Court is like trying to bail out the Titanic with a thimble. Lotsa luck with that plan. The money boys own Congress, the state legislatures, and the courts, and if the people somehow get the foolish idea that their votes will settle anything, they also make the voting machines that will tally the totals on election night.
    Lastly, if the media seems to portray the OWSers as "crazies" it might be because it is in the best interests of the powerful that things remain as they are--- status quo is working fine for them, so ridicule anyone who attempts to rock the boat, or make them appear violent by attacking them with pepper spray and batons. The same tactics worked for years in the Civil Rights movement, and segregation and Jim Crow laws prevailed because of it.
    This movement is spreading, and anyone who thinks it doesn't have the power for transformational change, perhaps even violent overthrow, ignores it at their own peril.
    People are pissed, worldwide.
    Here's a prediction: years from now the OWS movement will be remembered as transformative (if it isn't still in fact a political movement) where the Tea Party will be recalled as a quaint passing fancy that affected one mid-term election, the results of which have caused a backlash and contributed to the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. One movement will be forgotten, the other might lead to genuine change (or I fear) open rebellion world wide.
    (here's your soap box back, sorry, Q...)

  10. @ Squatlo - You make a lot of sense. But, like you mentioned with the Civil Rights Movement, with a little focus, things can change over time. Although the big wigs make the voting machines, we can still make a difference on the ballots. There's only so much altering that can be done if the public is truly on one accord and backs a common candidate for whatever office position is in question. It can start on the state level and work from there. First thing that needs to be done is cleaning house of all of the Senators. That would be my first plan of action in cleaning up the WH.

  11. Look, I have a great plan. Since the 1% seem to have a choke-hold on the folks tasked with "runnin' thangs" in D.C. - let's let me, you, Squat, Tsarita, Idahomie, Mooner, and a mess of other "smart" bloggers all win the lottery (so we can officially "BE" in the 1%) and start funding our own "candidates." Heck, we could fund and back ourselves and do our round of "Undercover Idol Blogger..." up in the White House!!! Plus, the whole "winning the lottery" thing would totally help end that recession that's been going on up in my household for the last minute or so...

  12. @ Reck - "Duh, winning!" That's a great idea! Not just the concept of being in the 1%, but a Season 2 of The Real Blogger Shores Amazing Undercover Idol goes to DC! LOL!

    I think if people who understand a "normal" life could get a chance to back a real candidate, then maybe that could make a difference.

  13. At the end of the day no matter who is elected they are all still politicians. New lobbyists will soon dangle cash in front of them to get their agenda passed. It's sounds like a no-win situation actually and unless someone is elected that will make some serious rattling, it will probably stay the same.

    It's like election time and all the ridiculous commercials you see of politicians trying to discredit the other. I can't stand that it only shows what they will do to get into office. Why not stick to the issues at hand and focus on why your running in the first place?

    The quickiest way to take them all out is shoot em! LMAO! Seriously, replace them with some radicals that will put up rather than shut up and make a significant difference. Can it happen? Sure, we voted in the 1st black president so anything is possible, but the key point here is: once they get into office, then what? That's where we keep our fingers crossed and hope we didn't vote wrong.

    It's a sad situation and if you're not apart of the "in-crowd" or elite, you will be left behind. The rich get richer and the poor stay poorer.

  14. @ Sonia - Shoot them? Are you trying to have black Suburbans pulling up in front of my house? LOL! Personally, it will take cleaning house and doing away with lobbyists. Of course, how in the world can you get enough people honest enough to want to do that? You can't. We're just a greedy society and until everyone hits rock bottom, then nothing will change. And when I say everyone, that includes that 1%.


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