Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't You Crave Fresh Meat?

"Isn't being a politician great, fellas?"
It's time to limit terms in Congress across the nation. Congress has single-handedly destroyed our country over the past decade. People always blame the president when the country fails, but the one consistent thing about this country's demise has been Congress.

Out Bush, in Obama. Have things changed?


After Obama, will they change?


Because Congress will still have the same dirty crooks in office because of idiot voters. Voters who make their decisions solely based on seeing a "D" or "R" beside a candidate's name. They don't know anything about the candidates or their track record, they just vote for them. I understand wanting to vote for someone who shares ideas of your own, but does that "D" or "R" guarantee that they do? I mean, how would you know if you didn't bother to find out?

We also have to blame those who choose not to vote. They play a big role in this, too. By not voting, they're basically saying that they're cool with the state of the country. Ironically, they also tend to be the biggest complainers.

So, we all know that this country is going through some things. Some really bad things. Our jobs are being sent overseas, the country is in debt and we're fighting two or three wars overseas that have gone on longer than World Wars I and II combined. Longer than the two World Wars, people!

It will only get better once we get rid of these career politicians. These people in Congress who have crawled into the White House and embedded their claws deep within the walls for a long stay. Strom Thurmond was a Senator from 1954 - 2003. He was 100 years old when he died in January '03. With all due respect to the elderly, do you really think a person who is 100 years old is fit to help run a country? 

Maybe he got re-elected because he ran on the Democratic ticket in 1954? Nah, it can't be that because he became a Republican in 1964. I'm guessing that he just continued to get re-elected because his name looked familiar on the ballot. Robert Byrd was also a virtual lifelong politician for West Virginia. Byrd became the longest-serving member in congressional history with 56 years of service.

"You'll love this job, John!  The benefits rock!"

So, here we are rolling up on another presidential election in 2012. We've spotlighted this upcoming election, but yet ignored the last Congressional election which is actually more important.  Congress has done an excellent job of distancing themselves from Obama. I'm not just talking about Republicans either. Democrats have shied away from supporting Obama as well.

Why? Because they have the mindset of: the best way to keep my job is to say that someone else sucks at doing his job. People with common sense know that the POTUS is basically a figurehead. Congress is the real driving force when it comes to getting things done in this country. But, if every day people knew that, they would direct their anger towards Congress and not the President, right?

And since Obama has a limit of how long he can be president anyway, then why not sacrifice him to get another term for yourself? The pay is great, lobbyists woo you constantly, free travel, TV face time and benefits galore.  Members of Congress become eligible for a pension once they reach the age of 50 (with 20 years of service) or are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62.

They also control their own pay raises. You read that correctly!  They have an automatic "cost of living" raise kicks in every year. In 1989, Congress passed an amendment allowing for the automatic raises, unless they specifically voted to reject it. Which Congress did, until 2000, the year the greed became an epidemic.  Why else would someone spend millions to campaign for a job that pays less than $200k a year?

When was the last time you voted on your own raise?

I read some where that as of the end June, Apple, Inc. had more cash and marketable securities than the United States of America. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but the thought of an electronics company being in better financial shape than an entire country is ridiculous!

Then again, with the tax rate on American corporations being so low, maybe it's not so surprising after all...

I want to send my readers over to visit Mooner and Squatlo.  If you want to read some good, quality, political blogging, then check them out and tell them that Q sent you. Be sure to ask Mooner how he feels about Rick Perry! Oh, and also, while you're there, ask Squatlo what his name means for me.


  1. Fuck Rick Perry!

    And I love this post. Term limits on the executive branch? Why not all? It's unbalanced checks and balances...

  2. LOL @ LiI! I think Mooner could sue you for that unless you've already worked out an arrangement. It is definitely unbalanced. It allows so much backroom dealing having the same people in office that get in bed with the corporations.

  3. That is a hell of an idea...term limits on all three branches - the POTUS, congress, and the supreme court justices. Why the hell should you just get to stay in your position forever? Term limits would FORCE the American lemmings to actually find more out about candidates - instead of just voting on a name that looks familiar (like you pointed out). As usual, Q, brilliant post!!

  4. Thanks, Reck! You're exactly right! It would encourage voters to actually find out more about the people wasting their money... I mean running for office. No, I didn't. I meant wasting their money.

  5. T-Q. This is your usual well-thought mature posting, a posting I lack the maturity to compose.

    Your idea is right on target. If those silly fuckers couldn't be on the big tit for life, then lobbyists would have nothing to buy. Big business would lose some of their power and have the same influence as labor unions.

    Fair and balanced legislation. Fair and balanced... where have I heard that lie before?

    Keep it up big guy. And FUCK RICK PERRY!

  6. Thanks, Mooner! And you're right. If we cut their lifeline, then The People may actually have a chance of getting something in their favor for a change.

  7. 2 Words...SUPER Congress! :( -Toni D.

  8. "Super Congress?" Can you elaborate on that, Toni Diane?

  9. Q, you don't venture over to the political side of the septic tank very often, which is probably why your site has a nice, pleasant aroma to it... like yesterday's chicken tender post (which was funnier than Bambi on ice, BTW).

    I spend too much of my time and mental angst on politics, and because of that I'm tempted to drink heavily and curse the gods at the drop of a hat into the ring. Not good for readership or my health...

    Mark Twain wrote that the only truly American criminal class was Congress. He also wrote that "man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to", and it could be argued Congress prompted him to write that as well.

    Blaming Obama for the shitstorm Curious George left on his desk is like having a drunk jump behind the wheel of a crowded bus and then driving the bus over the cliff. As the bus falls toward the rocks below, the drunk tosses the steering wheel to one of the screaming passengers, and everyone blames HIM for the crash.

    Here's the soap box, I'm done. Where's my drink...?

  10. (Like Columbo, I'm never really gone) "One more thing..."

    Term limits might weed out the ideologues and incompetents, but it would also eliminate effective legislators who know the process and can bring necessary legislation through the turbulent waters and reefs of those who would sink the ship of progress to maintain the status quo. We need some of those old farts because they know where the bodies are buried.
    Just sayin'... (and Thurmond was reelected because he was a segregationist, which is good for a life term in Congress in that part of America)

  11. @ Squatlo - Nice Mark Twain quote! I like that. I do think limiting terms will get rid of some of the good as well, but I'm willing to take that risk to make it harder on corporations. There shouldn't be a such thing as a politician holding a position for 56 years. And that goes for judges, too. Why is a judge considered "conservative" or "liberal" anyway? Shouldn't they be impartial? I guess that's a blog for another day.

    BTW, I never saw Bambi on Ice. How was it?

  12. I completely agree - the fact that there aren't any term limits on Congress is insane. Byrd and Thurmond might have been "there" mentally, but can they really represent their state effectively? I highly doubt it.

  13. Exactly, Erin. I wonder just how much they really knew was going on. I'm sure the other Senators just said "yes, sir" to everything they suggested just out of respect. Regardless if they agreed or not.


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