Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Troll-Free Three Is Set!

Our Three-for-All is now down to the final three contestants in the Consolation Round!

Sonia of LogAllot
Jillsmo of Yeah. Good Times.
and newcomer, Charli, of Man, Wife, & Dog

Please get your final post to me as soon as you can so that the competition can start the finale on 3/31/11.  Please send them to  Thanks and congratulations!

Don't forget about the last 24 hours of Fave 4 as we approach the final two contests for The Stunner!

Fave 4 match-ups: Falen of Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista v. Michelle W of Mommy Confessions and Bob of Squatlo Rant v. Brandon of My Own Private Idaho.


  1. I'm totally confused. I came by to se how things were going, and the votes reset? Went to bed with 70- woke up with 12. Huh? I think I missed the memo.

  2. Hey Quincy, this vote tally thing is a lot like how it's done in the old Soviet Russia...

    What did Stalin say? "He who votes decided nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything."

    Hello Hello Hello... is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me...
    Is there anyone home?

  3. What's with this title, Q? LOL
    Is there somebody under your bridge that we should know about?

  4. Even if the poll reset, I'm still getting my monkey ass whipped lol I Think I'll start stalking Michelle now to feel better lol

  5. Q:
    Seems as if someone bumped the abacus(SP?)
    overnight---- Squatlo, Idaho, and Michelle mommy
    have all inquired as to possible RESETS ON
    voting talleys, as of this AM (3/31/11). if you have
    RESPONDED, please re-respond . Since it happened to at least 3 peeps who sent inquiries to
    you, I think a re-vote may be entirely in order!!!
    WTF, Q???? C'mon, wake up!! YOU WOULDN'T
    Chance??? STOP THE CORRUPTION!!!
    Let us followers know WTF THE EXPLANATION FOR THE WACKY TALLYS IS !! Someone has to speak out, right??? Serious as it gets,

  6. I demand a recount!

    I'm super cereal...

  7. CantGetRight: Roane County Tn, eh? I suspect a rat! Laughing my ass off!!!

    Quincy, dude, the natives are getting restless!

    I've contacted a General Sessions Judge in Roane County to inquire about an injunction for alleged voter irregularities. Dozens of disenfranchised voters, obvious voter suppression, right wing tactics unworthy of this forum.

    Sir, respond or face the prospect of continued suspicion from all parties involved! :-)

  8. I want my entry fee refunded!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hey Squatty:
    How'd you get the phone number from the Feds in Knoxville
    To the private line of former general sessions judge in Roane County?? Did he leave a forwarding number?? Is Q a frequent flyer to the
    Roane Co. Area? Maybe Q's a quick study of Corruption/Poll Manipulation 101 @ the Community College there....
    In just saying'......
    It's all smoke (!!) and mirrors...(yuk yuk)--

  11. I see right now that I'm going to have to start checking my blog comments during my breaks at work. You guys are killin' me! LOL! I've never seen this before and I haven't a clue how it happened. I'm trying to figure out exactly where to start on this one. Gotta do a little research.


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