Sunday, March 6, 2011

7 Facts (About Me)

Nobody does it like "The Iz," my brother from another mother over there at Israel Carrasco Monologue Jokes. Thanks for the props and the award. I'm going to pass it on just as it was passed on to me.

Here's how the rules work:
* Copy/paste this award to your blog.
* Thank and link to the person that tagged you with it.
* List 7 facts about yourself.
* Give the award to 5 other bloggers and tell them to pass it on.

My 7 Facts:

1- I wake up every morning to a Pop/Rock song. I have my playlist set on my phone so that every morning, I'm hopping up to Maroon 5, Wham!, Duran Duran, etc. Pop/Rock is up-tempo enough to get my attention, but doesn't startle me senseless as it wakes me.

2- Like, Iz, I used to play an instrument as a kid, too. I was an alto saxophone player for six years. Shortly after high school graduation, I turned down an opportunity to try out for a band that was to perform for a local Luther Vandross concert. I wasn't a huge Luther fan and although it was just playing with him for one show, I was too young (17) to appreciate the opportunity I was being given. Whoops.

3- My favorite food is Mexican. I have a neighborhood restaurant named El Cazadores where I'm there quite often getting carnitas or carne asada. I rarely eat at other Mexican restaurants because it almost feels like cheating on Cazadores.

4- The very first celebrity I ever met was Mr. T. I was 12 years old and ran into him at a Minneapolis mall. He smiled, winked, said "hi," and walked on by. As a 12-year old, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Whenever I watch "Rocky III," I still think it's kind of cool.

5- I used to be a sportswriter. Small-time, but a sportswriter for the local newspaper. My favorite event that I covered was a minor league hockey game. Being a black man in the South with an appreciation for hockey freaks a lot of my friends out. LOL! Hockey is football on ice and anyone who likes football should appreciate it. It's one of the most exciting sports to watch live.

6- I went to middle school with Faith Hill. She was Faith Perry at the time and four years older than me. She was the best friend of one of my friend's big sister, so I won't act like I knew her well. Heck, it was just six or seven years ago someone told me that Faith Perry was even Faith Hill. LOL!

7- I can't enjoy watching any crime-time drama (Law & Order, CSI, etc.) without The Mrs. present. She got me into those shows and now if she's not on the couch with me, I don't watch them.

Those are my seven! Now, I will pass this on to the following five:

1- Chaplain Donna from Empowered Peace
2- Tameka from The Writing Assassin
3- Erin from The Life of Ann James
4- Sonia from LogAllot
5- Alice X from Guys, Boys, and Men

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