Sunday, March 27, 2011

TQRS Welcomes Chaplain Donna!

The Thank, Q Radio Show was very honored to spend 30 minutes with Chaplain Donna of!

She gave her insight on a lot of topics that can be stepping stones to helping someone find what they crave in life. We all want something out of our existence, but some don't know where to start looking. If you don't have direction, then you can easily be led astray and never reach your destination. can help you towards your destination. Not by pointing the way, but helping you to initiate positive change within yourself so that you are able to find your own way.

I think you will really enjoy this discussion I had with her regardless of your age, gender, race, or beliefs.

Click here to reach the podcast.

Chaplain Donna can be contacted at:


  1. Quincy, I'm afraid I'm going to have to invoke a charge of bias against your handling of the coveted Stunner Award Competition! Here I am trying to fend off a worthy opponent who has more than three times as many followers, and you're giving her a prime time platform and promotion on your radio blog!!!
    I know the Fairness Doctrine was outlawed a few years ago and that corporations are now considered "people" when it comes to elections, but damn, dude?
    First you pit me against a brilliant woman who writes a funny-ass blog with 250 followers, now I'm the heretic in the room trying to be heard above the sound of church bells and a podcast...

    heavy sigh... (great show, by the way... dammit)

  2. LOL! I'm sorry, but it's so hard to keep great material to myself. I always feel the need to share.

  3. Q: oh, hell, I forgive you. This has been fun, actually. I check in every few hours to see how I'm doing, and if it goes well I'll remove the noose and climb off of the chair. Just so you know how important this daily affirmation is to me, that's all. None of us has enough pressure in our lives, is that what you were thinking? I promise you every blogger involved in this has stressed about it more than they ever thought they would... and you're free to sit back and chuckle at the fireworks.
    Something tells me we're all part of a psych experiment and we'll be given reports on our personality disorders at the conclusion of the contest...
    Personally, I'm developing Stockholm Syndrome and I'm bonding with my opponents. Don't give me the prize, I'm undeserving. Pick any of them, please, I beg you...

  4. (whispering) Shhhhhh! I need to delete your comment so that the subjects, er, uh, I mean contestants don't find out about the testing, I mean... aw, skip it. Here's the truth: My real name is Sam Sung and I'm working for the government...

    Nah, I can understand the pressure. I get excited just watching, so I can only imagine what it's like as a participant.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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