Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommy Dearest!

Michelle W (Mommy Confessions) cruises to a 1st Round victory over Michelle (Rantings of the Reckmonster) by a score of 100-71.

Mommy Confessions will move on to face The Ranter's Box in the next round which will start as soon as I get both post submissions.

Props to The Reckmonster for her participation! She will now go to the Consolation Bracket in a "Three-for-All" round against Writing Assassin and Diana Dishes.

Can all of you submit your 2nd blog links for the next phase as soon as you can, please? (If you haven't already.)


*** Check out the Entertaining 8 battles that are going on now! Consolation Round will start 3/29 if all post submissions are received. ***

*** Also get your first small peek at the coveted Stunner Award at the bottom as the full brackets are revealed for the first time! ***

List of 1st Round / Play-In match-ups, blog post entries and results here!


  1. Congrats to Mommy Michelle! I never doubted for a second that she would win - but Thanks to Q for including me in The Stunner contest to begin with! It's been fun and I've found myself a lot of really cool new blogs to read! Awesome experience!

  2. I appreciate you joining the event, Michelle! i hope you continue to compete in the Consolation Bracket that will start next week. You still have an opportunity for more exposure and a chance to showcase yet another great blog post!

  3. Wow... that award looks SHOCKING!

    (twitter joke)


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