Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is It Possible?

Is it possible that the source code being placed on another site caused the reset?

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    If that was the case, why didn't it reset when TOAR did it?

    It's cuz she's black, isn't it?

    hehe, I think it was just a stoopid blogger glitch, since it happened to multiple people...

    Should I withdraw from the competition? Would that help?

    (squat's in the background yelling 'FUCK YES!!')

  2. LOL! No, it's not placing blame. I'm searching for options. I recall TOAR doing it and I don't remember any problems with hers. I'm waiting to hear from Blogger with an explanation. In the meantime, I'd like to hear everyone else's opinion on options A - C.

  3. Squat can back me up here. Last night I was trying to instruct him how to embed the poll on his site, so it's all fair.

    But he wasn't getting it.

    Tried telling him this way and that, and he tried but failed.

    Maybe the old guy broke the internet?

  4. Ha, it was my fault, since my poll broke too!

  5. AP, when did yours break?

  6. This is priceless!!! Much more fun than the actual blog war. I think we should make Quincy buy us all drinks because he put us through all of this only to fumble the final vote! All in favor say "aye"? The 'ayes' have it. Drinks are on Q.

    Okay, man, where we hookin' up? I like B52s on the rocks (Grand Marnier is pricey, so save up!)

  7. Bob, I'm e-mailing one of your local bartenders now. I hope he takes PayPal.

  8. Crud, and I just gave up drinking.

    Squat can have mine. And make it a double, let's slosh this dude up.

  9. Placing the source code on another blog does not reset the poll, something else must have happened.

  10. Are the votes back? Can you confirm that they appear to be? The vote total was lower last night when the polls closed.


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