Thursday, March 31, 2011

Voting Error

*** All, when I checked Twitter on lunch, I saw that something happened over night that wiped out a lot of the votes. I'm unsure of the cause, but I will check it out as soon as I get home from work.

Sorry for the inconvience. I'm almost positive that Squatlo is laughing to himself right now... :)

I don't know if the votes will be restored just like this guy claims his were. When I shut my laptop down last night, both Brandon and Michelle had the lead. I wasn't aware of a problem until I read a few tweets about it this afternoon while on lunch.

I'll give the option to the contestants:

A) We can leave everything as-is and roll with the current votes (regardless if the missing votes return since the leaders are still intact).

B) We can have all four of you matched up at once for a winner-take-all one hour vote off to be scheduled for Saturday night (and I'll try to get set up with instead of Blogger).

C) We can restart the Fave 4 again with a shorter voting time frame.

I'd love to hear opinions from the contestants as well as the fans. I've heard from Brandon and Bob, but not Falen or Michelle. Ladies?



  1. Yeah, this happened on my blog too, I think it was a Blogger wide thing. Pretty much sucks.

  2. Q, remember when I commented that you had stirred up all this competitive tension and were enjoying our stress?

    Payback's a bitch, isn't she?

    This has been a LOT more fun than the actual contest...

  3. By the way, I've posted about this clusterfuck, pondering legal avenues for redress... not sure if it's actionable since no entry fee or prize money is at stake. ;-)

  4. If squatlo cries 'racism' I'm outta here...

    But yeah, this has been a hoot.

    MOAR CONTROVERSY! Dun dun dun...

  5. We need that music from "Law and Order" followed by their trademark, "BONK BONK!"

    Whatcha gonna do, Q?

  6. Ha, ha, ha. You guys would love to see me sweat, wouldn't you? Not happening. I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow. Besides, aren't the votes back now? I see 103 votes in one match and 69 in the other. Or did all of that happen since 4 AM? I don't recall the scores when I went to bed.

  7. That all happened since 4am. When I woke up this morning, I had 35 votes and squat had 7. I've been campaigning to get people to revote, since it reset.

    I think A or C is fine. But I'm in the lead, so A may be argued. I say it's up to squat, in our matchup. Restart? Concede defeat? Up to him.

  8. Lost: "Concede defeat?" Well, I don't know why you would, but, okay, I accept. Appreciate the concession!

    "I'd like to thank the Academy, my manager, my family, and all the little people who made this possible..." (cue the exit music...)

    Actually, Brandon beat the cookies out of me and I want no more of this humiliating abuse to continue. Let the "winners" (and we "losers" can always claim WE WUZ ROBBED!) continue with the party. I'll go lick my wounds (although I can't reach most of them, so if anyone's willing to lend me a licker, I'm home for the night, feel free to call...) and suffer quietly.

    congrats, it was an epic ass kicking!

    (I'll just tell my sobbing children there's always next season... daddy's sorry it didn't work out this year... sniff/sniff...) ;-)

  9. Well, since I was winning and all I say we just roll with it as is. I'm nice like that. ;-) Seriously, I'll do whatever the consensus is. Though I am kinda anti 4 way match up AGAIN-- it's gonna be hard enough to sucker, uh I mean, politely ask, for people to vote again for this final round.

  10. If both winners were the same both with the previous set of votes and the current set of votes- I say we just call it a day. But, that's easy for me because I was winning. Though, at this point, I think I'd say that either way. I'm am so tired right now though, I might agree to the clubbing of baby seals at this moment. Let's wait for the last involved party to chime in.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. And lastly-- I'll regret this all in the morning when I realize that I have to go up against Super Spud! And I mean that with all due respect.

  13. You know, my girlfriend calls me super spud, but I think it's for different reasons...

  14. lmao thats because you have a knob of a wiener Idaho :o)

  15. I'm with rolling with the current results, too. It appears the votes returned after the polls closed. Idaho is for moving on, Michelle is, Bob is getting drunk, but conceded, and Falen is some where trying to get out of a fox suit.

  16. I demand that you all just concede to me now!! NO? Okay. Worth a shot. Is it wrong that I kinda wish I was getting drunk with Bob instead of trying to pick another post?

  17. Michelle, we can do a virtual hangover together. I'll lie in bed and groan a lot, you go pretend to have the dry heaves.

    Good luck to you both, this should be fun to watch!


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