Saturday, January 8, 2011

98... 99... 100!

My 100th post. Wow. When I first started this blog thing back in July, I never thought I'd post any more than four or five before eventually quiting. But, Jim and Jennie started following me and I thought to myself, "Self, you may actually be able to post a few more and get another follower or two."

42 followers later, I'm at post #100.

I started going back through my posts and of course, I had to start at the original rant that started it all! "A Blood Rush to the Brain". Rush Limbaugh said something that ticked me off enough to start a blog just to make a political point.

I enjoyed being able to say what I wanted and decided to continue blogging. Weeks later came post #25. "Why Am I Not Asleep?" It should have been titled "Why Didn't I Hit Delete?"

It was early in the morning and I was flat-out tired and borderline hallucinating. Although I was still awake, my body was clearly tired. I tried sleeping, but every time I drifted off, I would wind up in a nightmare within seconds. I don't know if that happens to any of you or not, but when my body is dog-tired, I have nightmares. I wonder if I'm the only person cursed like that?

You would think that blog would have been the one to get me to quit, but I kept going. After all, I was up to 20-something followers by then, so blogging became a drug. In the month of October, I cranked out 28 posts in 31 days on a range of topics from if white women care if white men date outside of the race to discussing the plight of guys crossing into "The Friend Zone" with women.

Post #75 was about the growing attention on the Brett Favre "Crank/Crocs" scandal. Brett reportedly sent a photo of his junk while wearing Crocs to a former Jets employee named Jenn Sterger. Although I think Jenn was in it for the publicity and money, I do believe Favre got off (wrong choice of words) with a slap on the wrist in a $50,000 fine. I wondered in the post if there was a bias against black athletes who get criticized for doing a lot less than what Favre did. It was appropriately called "Media Bias Against Black Athletes."

I've really enjoyed blogging, although I've sort have taken a break over the past few weeks. I do intend on working my way to #150 and hopefully generating more feedback. I always get comments from people who agree, but rarely from people who do not. I'm always looking for different opinions, so hopefully I can get more banter on the comment feeds.

To those who have supported the blog as a follower or a casual reader, I truly appreciate it. For those who take the time to comment on a post, you get a special "thank you".

I've had a range of serious topics to discuss as of late, but I'm going to return back to the lighter side of things for a while. To try to recapture the humor from posts like "Get Out of My Back Pocket!", "When Pampering Becomes Tampering", and "Don't Do It, Fellas!"

Again, thanks, all!

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